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  1. Hopefully with Gray and Palmiotti on this week this issue will be good… yes? yes?

  2. For a title many don’t like, it sure has a lot of pulls.  Kudos DC is sucking us all in.

    Random Comment:  I just got the Jack Kirby Omnibus v.3.  I didn’t know that the bug girl following jimmy was based on a Kirby new God character.  Cool!

  3. All the New Gods are Kirby New God characters!  🙂

  4. This story just tries too hard. Can you say contrived? And, yet, it’s the first book I choose to read every week thanks to its weekly release schedule. Someday they’ll do a weekly "tie-in" that really pays off. Unfortunately it’s not today.

  5. ahhhhh, this book sucks but I wont drop it because it is almost done and I want to see how it all ends

  6. @ Conor – haha I know that!  I just didn’t know that the bug character (sorry I don’t remember the name) was based on an old character…and not just a totally new Countdown thing.

  7. The use of the journal as the basic structure of the narrative was an interesting idea, but it really got old by the end and it kept the story from ever getting exciting.  If the whole countdown boils down to an OMAC, New Gods and Komandi reboot I’m going to be very unimpressed.  As it is, the series continues to feature weak writing, a wandering plot, and uneven art (trending toward the poor).  We’re almost to the end and I still have no idea to what crisis we’re counting down (and I’m pretty sure that I don’t care anymore either).  I’m feeling like a fool for buying this series each week… 

  8. @jstump – The appropriate writing credits for this issue are for Adam Beechen and Paul Dini.   Mike Norton is on pencils and Jimmy Palmiotti contributes his inks here.

    Countdown seems to be at it’s best when Gray and Palmiotti are writing the scripts over a series of issues.

    I too am still holding out hope for a satisfying ending.  Here’s hoping April is one fantastic month for the Countdown finale.

  9. Am I alone in enjoying this all naration from Buddy Blank issue?  The virus and coming disaster is going to be pretty horrific!

  10. @connor — exception Takkion (sp?) wasn’t a Kirby Creation.

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