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  1. please make the pain of this bad book final

  2. Every week I envision the end scene from Old Yeller.  The difference is that Dini has the gun and this book is the dog.

    If only that were true… 

  3. Well I haven’t picked up my books from last week yet so I have read 6.  But the way the pace of this book is going, I bet they are all still standing together about to face some evil.

  4. yeah that’s about right… now for 5 more issues of it since nothing’s really going to happen till final crisis

  5. Rat people?!?  Seriously, Rat people?!?

  6. A second straight issue of the journal entry story-telling technique.  It was dull last week, but now it’s become flat-out painful.  And the story isn’t really going anywhere enjoyable at this point.  I’m beginning to hate myself for continuing to spend money on this series.  Even Starlin’s art didn’t click for me, and I usually like Starlin.  Seeing Una/duo damsel/triplicate girl eaten at the end (yes, by rats) was a perfectly crappy end to this perfectly crappy book.  And it really does appear that the emerging thrust of all of this is a reboot of OMAC, the New Gods and Kommandi…

  7. I just read the issue summary:

    "The Countdown ticks down as storylines converge and collide – a Great Disaster is clearly proving to be unavoidable!"

     The book itself is the unavoidable Great Disaster.  This is truth in advertising at its finest.

  8. This book started out great, but now it just sucks. When is the story going to pick up again?

  9. @SamIAm – Final Crisis

  10. Yep, the journal entry got on my nerves this week.  I was okay with it last week, but thought one was enough.  

    I liked the dog with the paring knife!  That was pretty kewl.  But yeah, it sucked.  

    I’ve been catching up on Kamandi and reading the Fourth World Omni-bi because Countdown has had me so interested in really exploring the 74 years of DC History. Seeing all of this DCU History that had only been alluded to and never really explained is now playing itself out is the only reason I’m still enjoying this series.  

    We’re seeing the Great Disaster done kind of disastrous-ly.  It deserved better than journal entries, but it’s still important big-picture wise. 52 was better because it was more compact.  Countdown is really huge and all but crumbled towards the end.  I have high hopes for the last 4 issues.

  11. What amazes me is that many of us (myself included) continued to give this book the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure that by issue 2 we’ll still be saying "I hope this book picks up soon!"

  12. AlexG – Nah, not me.  I’ve pretty much written off any expectations that the series will "pick up" before the end.  I’m assuming that it will simply crash into the final issue like a car fipping disasterously before finally settling to rest, upside down in the ditch beside the road.  Then I’ll peek inside (with Final Crisis) and hope to find some survivors… Metaphorically speaking, of course.

  13. Wow this issue was good.  It was like a DC Zombies (If zombies were werewolves). 

  14. So are people just hating this book because it’s what they do or did they take the time to read this issue?  Becuse if they did they would have enjoyed it very much!

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