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  1. The Great Disaster occurred with issue 51. Zing!

  2. haha

  3. Wasnt’ bad.  Definitely better than the last issue.  Still, I was expecting more excitement with only two issues to go.

  4. I actually thought this issue was really good.  I hope this contineus for the last two issues.

  5. This art in this was FANTASTIC! Too bad Williams couldn’t do the entire series. A real treat to finally see an (the) A-lister himself finally make an appearance in this DC saga. It’s all I ever wanted of it. What a shame it took 50 issues. 

  6. No kidding.  You can totally jump onto this series with this issue since they seem to recap everything of importance that’s happened on the first page.  I read that and thought, ‘you mean I could’ve just started now and been fine…not fair!!’

  7. This issue was good. I almost wish they focused more on Jimmy during the series instead of being so all over the place. They better make Jimmy into the Rick Jones of DC and not kill the poor bastard.

  8. The art, uneven throughout the series, was strong in this issue.  And the story flowed well without a lot of wasted or confusing elements.  This was the best issue to come out in a long time (in my opinion) and now I think that I can see some real hope for this series finishing strong and jumping right into the Final Crisis. 

  9. Yeah! The art was actually good this issue, it didn’t seem rushed & half finished. What gives? Is Countdown gonna start being a high standard book … when there’s only two issues left?

    Pretty good comic this one, Superman fights Darksied, and seemed like he was pissed off, too. A bit of anger outta big blue is always a good thing!

    I just hope they kill Forager before this series is over. Most annoying character in a long time. If I have to read the phrase "Olson-bug" too many more times I think I’ll vomit onto the comic book.

    Also … if Jimmy is in love with a giant-moth-thing … isn’t that like … beastiality? 

  10. I thought this issue was great!  I loved the Supes/Darkseid fight!

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