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Seriously, what a heap of shit. 3 years ago I was lapping up DC and now with Secret Invasion over at Marvel I am really thinking about changing sides. This book is forceably pushing me into that decision.

On the podcast this book has been commented on for having 3 good issues in a row, we shouldn’t praise a book for that, thats not an acheivement when you look at other DC titles such as Green Lantern, Robin, JSA, Nightwing, Action Comics and the sensational 52.

Countdown to final crisis is a terrible book and when they realised it was a train crash waiting to happen they ended one of the main story lines on an alternate world (lucky for Dido that he had the option of 52 worlds with the return of the Mutliverse). I am sure if this book had been a success the virus from issue 4 or 5 that took Buddy Blank (or whatever his name was) to outer space with his grandson would have ended here in Earth whatever instead.

In this issue the same poor charcter development is used to try and make you care about characters who handled well you may have cared for but now dont give a toss about. I really wanted to drop this a while ago but felt that I could stick it out.

What a bad decision that was and what a waste of Money. Do not read this book, its BAD.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 1 - Poor

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