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It’s a typical day in the life of John Constantine: Thieving, lying, shagging and allying himself with a major enemy in order to fight a greater threat!

Story by Jeff Lemire & Ray Fawkes
Art by Renato Guedes
Cover by Juan Jose Ryp

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  1. This series has been pretty good so far – digging the “Vertigo-ness” of it. For those of you who thought John Constantine would be watered down in the DCU, you should check this book out. Not too shabby.

    And also, speaking of John Constantine, have you guys seen his new TV series?

    “What?” you say, “Constantine doesn’t have a TV series. There has only been that shitty movie starring Ted Theodore Logan.”

    Okay okay, that is true – it’s not really a John Constantine TV Series I’m talking about but AMC’s “The Killing”.

    That’s right, The Killing stars none other then our favorite trench coat wearing, cigarette smoking, foul mouthed comic book character. Don’t believe me? Just check out the last two episodes of the new season that just started (season 3). The character of Detective Stephen Holder, played by the fantastic actor Joel Kinnaman, is motherfucking JOHN CONSTANTINE!

    Take a look….

    It’s him! Holder’s got the trench coat, he smokes, he cusses, he can sweet talk his way into or out of anything- he is the perfect JC. I was watching this other night with that thought in mind and the series, which is WAY better then then the previous 2 seasons, just got that much cooler.

    So, check out JC on TV next Sunday at 6pm – it’s fucking awesome.

  2. I was pretty disappointed to discover going through my purchases that renato guedes wasn’t on art this issue. I haven’t read this yet but does anyone know how long fabiano neves will be providing the art for? And will guedes will be back for the next arc?

  3. This was amusing. Nothing amazing, kind of a light filler issue.

  4. A good little one shot story issue. Very interesting.

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