Death has come for Conan and his fellow sailors in the visage of the privateer Bêlit! Rage and desire mingle in an orgy of slaughter as the barbarian and the pirate queen glimpse each other for the first time–as opponents in a battle to the last man!

* A bold, fresh take on the Cimmerian from Brian Wood (DMZ, Northlanders) and Becky Cloonan (Demo, Pixu)!

* Perfect for readers new to Conan!

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Becky Cloonan
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Massimo Carnevale

Price: $3.50
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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. This will be my first Conan book ever, and it replaces Demon Knights on my pull list if Demon Knights doesn’t impress. Are Conan fans enjoying this?

  2. It’s only been one issue, but it was a good issue.

  3. This is based off one of the original Robert E. Howard stories and if Wood sticks to the original (even loosely) there should be some crazy twists and turns. Can’t wait!

  4. The Busiek/Cary Nord Conan run was really great too. If some of you new Conan fans want more, consider those books.

  5. ive read a few conan trades but this is my first monthly and im enjoying every bit of it (aprt from the waiting part) but then that just adds to the excitement i get when its sent to me that you cant get from a trade

  6. This was a great issue. I was a little underwhelmed by the first issue, but this issue put all of my doubts to rest. Great story, great art. 5.0

  7. Not a fan of the covers. It’s not fair to Becky…

  8. Wood rocks.. but this is just typical dark horse conan quality. If you guys like this.. theres another 10 years of it for you guys to track down. It never disappoints.

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