For the first time ever, the inspiring, infuriating, and utterly insane story of comics, graphic novels, and manga is presented in comic book form!

The award-winning Action Philosophers team of Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey turn their irreverent-but-accurate eye to the stories of Jack Kirby, R. Crumb, Harvey Kurtzman, Alan Moore, Stan Lee, Will Eisner, Fredric Wertham, Roy Lichtenstein, Art Spiegelman, HergĂ©, Osamu Tezuka — and more!

Collects Comic Book Comics #1-6.

By Fred Van Lente & Ryan Dunlavey

Price: $21.99
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  1. This was wonderful. I hope everyone gives this graphic novel a chance.

    For those who did enjoy it, may I also suggest from the same creative team, Action Philosophers. But I’m sure many of you already knew that.

  2. All over this.

  3. Just making sure, is this the collection of the series that was discussed on this and on 11 O’Clock Comics, that they were calling “Comic Book Comics”?

    • Yes!

      Van Lente said on Word Balloon they changed the name after a million people came up to them at conventions and told them they didn’t understand what Comic Book Comics were.

  4. Duh, answered my own question. I just overlooked it in the solicit.

  5. Great price for a great series.

  6. Worth every penny.

  7. I’m going to be the lone voice of dissent, I thought the issues of this that I read were both too dense to take in the info, and too scattershot to really give a detailed look at a specific period of history.

    On the other hand, it is great value for money since it will take forever to read!

  8. A great read, being reasonably well read up on the subject covered here I felt like it could have gone a little deeper in places, there were still a few nuggets of history that taught a thing or two, would defiantly recommend this around.

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