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It started small: temporary gravity failures, time reversal loops, entropy reversals. With much fanfare a new government agency was formed with a mandate “to prevent and protect.” Its official title: The Federal Bureau of Physics. Humans, if nothing else, adapt to the changing parameters of their existence. What was extraordinary soon became ordinary, a part of people’s daily lives. They move on and do what people have always done: survive. But even that new status quo is now under threat. Things are getting worse, and it falls to Special Agent Adam Hardy and his FBP team to figure out what’s going on, before it’s too late…

Written by: Simon Oliver
Art by: Robbi Rodriguez
Cover by: Nathan Fox
Variant Cover by: Nathan Fox

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Looks interesting, will give it a look if it’s on the shelf

  2. It’s a light week, so, fuck it, why not?

  3. I’ve been looking forward to this since the solicit… I’m glad the Vertigo line is starting to get fleshed out again – I’m not excited by everything, but this has been high on my anticipation chart 🙂

  4. I had been looking forward to giving this a try, but, it’s a heavy week for me (curse you, DC Annuals :)), so, unfortunately, I’ll most likely have to give it a pass . . .

  5. Based on a quick search for art by Robbi Rodriguez, this looks like it could be pretty great.

    I just read an interview with Simon Oliver, which make me want to buy this even more.

    I’ve been looking for a new independent sci-fi comic book title, this should fill the bill quite nicely.

  6. More than likely buying this digitally. Those colors will look amazing that way!

  7. Hopefully this can really spark the Vertigo revival!

  8. Cha-ching! That’s the sound of my LCS’ cash register this Wednesday!

  9. This looks great! To me it sounds kind of like BPRD meets Manhattan Projects, and I’m excited to get my hands on it.

    @microwave25 I hope so too, or at the very least stop the predictions of imminent demise.

  10. Ya guys this is all im looking forward to this week as well pretty much / comics wise..

  11. From the guy who wrote The Exterminators! I loved that book

  12. Looking forward to this. It was first announced so long ago, I wonder why the held it off…

  13. Hey, I’m always up to support the BIG two trying something new….

  14. I’m gonna give this a try because it’s Vertigo and I want to support Vertigo as much as I can. We need a new successful Vertigo book since Hellblazer is no more.

  15. JML ( says:

    If my store gets this, I’ll definitely pick it up. It looks like a fun, cool, original premise.

  16. Very good start to this.

  17. Avatar photo consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    I’ll give this a go it looks cool and a book based on cutting edge physics and that ilk is right up my street

  18. This was cool. It didn’t blow me away, but I love the Paul Pope-ish art, and I’m interested enough in the story possiblities to keep pulling it.

  19. really diggin the art and would love the resident science expert , looking at you Ryan, to chime in with thoughts on the physics. Should I be suspending all reality and just going along for the ride or does it look to be sticking to possible scenarios, I know it has ‘the impossible’s always possible’ plot device and it’s just the 1st issue but hey has me thinking about it so I guess i’ll be back for the next issue.

    • Not a science expert but I am a professional engineer. It irked me a bit that they said ‘or physics?’ and at this point, the only problem was gravity.

      Physics, as a subject, covers much more than gravity and force, etc.

      So. I hope there are more problems than just the earths gravity field when addressing problems in relation to ‘physics.’

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      The solicit text above lists a few additional physics problems we can expect.

    • Oh snap. I just got clowned by my inability to read the first sentence.

      Well with a BS in electrical engineering, I hope some of that type of ‘physics’ finds its way into this book!

    • Avatar photo ochsavidare (@ochsavidare) says:

      So far we haven’t seen that much physics, only the gravity failing at a point. Since they have given no real explanation to why it is happening it is difficult to speculate on wether or not the physics is halfway plausible.

  20. I think they are going to play with all of the basic elements of physics, warm holes, etc. the text in the back talked a little about it. It was only a first issue, hard to cover too too much.

  21. Wasn’t originally planning on getting this but I just couldn’t stop looking at that cover & then I remembered how much I loved Rodriguez’s art on Uncanny X-Force 19, so hopefully a new win-win!

  22. Hated it. Art and story both.

    • Ouch.

    • Didnt impress me much either. I found it empty and kind of hard to follow.

    • I didn’t pick it up to read, but I hated the art as well from flipping through it.

      I love Vertigo and am glad they are going to be having more books in their line, but not everything is for everybody. Some Vertigo stuff is a little off-putting with it’s weirdness – but here the scratchy art was enough to drive me away.

    • Think this is a series that definitely deserves a second issue chance. There’s no way the high concepts could be fully fleshed out in just the first issue. Readers should give the writer the chance to let him explain his story in my opinion. I really dug it but the story could still go anywhere.

    • Thats the problem I had here: the “high” concepts felt shallow and off, kinda like “this will be cool, but without the science behind it- that’s how it felt to me at least). I know its only a first issue but most of the book felt artificial and forced. Like it was a promo book. It could be really cool and I might give it s second issue but the story didnt grab me like some other #1s (Chew comes to mind because it reminded me of a science style Chew just not as interesting) and the art looked cool but I didn’t think it flowed well.

  23. I liked Fringe. This is exactly like Fringe. So I like this?

  24. I wasn’t sure whether I would pick this up or not, but I did. It didn’t wow me, but it was a good solid beginning which I enjoyed. I’ll be back for issue two.

  25. Is this a mini-series?

  26. Enjoyed it set up the world nicely but looking forward to it getting going next issue but for now a keeper.

  27. People seriously thought the art was terrible? There’s no accounting for taste, I guess. But the art was out of this world. I’m fully on board.

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