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CHOKER #6 (OF 6)

Shotgun City’s real scumbags are finally exposed, and Johnny Jackson is hell-bent on making sure they get what’s coming to them. Trouble is, they’re not going out without a fight? Is Johnny as doomed as some of his closest allies, or will justice finally prevail?

It’s a startling conclusion to one of 2010’s wildest books!

Story by Ben McCool
Art by Ben Templesmith

Price: $3.99
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  1. holy shit really? Is Daredevil The Target and Nonplayer also coming out?

    • Yes, and Fell too.

    • They do have at least one issue of Fell finished though! They’re waiting until they have at least 6 or something like that to begin releasing them is what I heard…we’ll see.

    • I smell sarcasm.

    • Wait … April Fools isn’t for another week …

      The solicit is the funniest part … “one of 2010’s wildest books …” HA! 2010?!?!

    • Two weeks ago, at my shop, thinking Choker #6 would never see the light of day, I asked the owner to take issue issue #5 out of my pull bag(I hadn’t picked it up, as I was waiting for #6). So crazy that two weeks after I had completely given up on this title finishing, here we are with #6! Now I’ll go back and scrounge up my #1-4 and read it in a good sitting. All that said, I really wish I had just waited for the trade.

    • No Shit! @jwaesch- so now you’ll discover, upon returning to your LCS, that someone has absconded with your sine qua non issue #5. Har!

    • yeah I thought this thing had ended. I was just talking about how beautifully gritty and satisfying it was. turns out I wuz robbed. ROBBED I tell ya

  2. about freakin’ time

  3. One of the signs of the apocalypse surely! (Duke Nukem Forever was another)

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