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  1. Just finished the first trade and honestly I’ll keep picking it up in trades but damn I can’t wait. All the praise has been just. Great book

  2. As a great man once said:



    Can’t wait to see where this arc is gonna go. 

  3. Jumping on with issues here. Yay!

  4. Prax did you get #6?

  5. @deadspace I did. But I wasn’t sure if I was going to tradewait or not after reading it. As much as I loved the trade, reading the five issues together wasn’t appealing to me for some reason so I decided to do it monthly. 

  6. Boobies. ^_^

    Can’t wait. I love this book. Always tops the list as my most anticipated books on the weeks it comes out. 

  7. This book is so great!And of course boobs 🙂

  8. #7 might be the best issue of the series… this book continues to get better and better

  9. Always nice to see @drake bring the tone down 😛 It must be amazing to you how I looked at that cover and *didn’t* think "Boobies" and instead thought "oh, the logo is on its side this time" 😉

  10. I managed to notice the rat having a monocle first =

  11. @deadspace-Hey! I said what everyone else is thinking! And besides, TNC said "puppies" first. Any old school WWF fan knows what that means 😉

  12. Ah Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler you dirty old man you. 🙂

  13. lol now I feel really stupid for not knowing what the hell TNC was talking about. I thought it was just him typing random jibberish as usual. tut tut TNC.

  14. It really is a wonder that more women don’t read comics…

  15. @deadspace: It’s still jibberish. Don’t be fooled because it looks like a proper sentence.

  16. @Conor-Most women I know get freaked out by rats wearing a monocle

  17. This book has such a quick pace, it feels like so much has happend and yet it’s only on issue 7.

  18. @TNC : Puppies in high pitch! LOL. I keep thinking of Sable but Brock’s gonna crush me.

  19. @drakesdangerz – I don’t think that’s an ordinary monicle, it’s night vision monicles. Most women I know would be very impressed by a rat who owns one.

  20. well how about that, the logo is sideways. And what is this rat you guys keep talking about?

  21. the night-vision-monocle-wearing rat that shoots lasers from it’s 2 front teeth. the rat that is the same width as that woman’s waist. 

  22. I’m pretty sure this is my girlfriend’s favourite ongoing (with the possible exception of Fables, which she is not fully caught up with.)

    But then again, she is a big fan of boobs.

  23. I think whoever did this cover would be perfect for the covers of "Girl Comics.’

  24. @USPUNX – except Rob unfortunately isn’t a girl

  25. By the way, Rob made an awesome xmas card design 

  26. Just finished first trade. The story is so good. I don’t know if i can hold off reading it in trades only

  27. @deadspace: Damn! You foiled my plan.

    BTW that card is awesome! 

  28. Great issue as always, 4.5/5 blah blah blah


    But that last page…….Seriously? 

  29. @TNC

    SPOILERS i guess… I assume the last page thing is a reveal that he’s the Russian they mentioned back in issue 2 as being the third of three known cibopaths.  No idea what the fangs are about though.

  30. @slockhart: I didnt think of that, it could be another cibopath. Even if it isnt……then this series has made a sharp left turn. Which considering how crazy it is right now that is saying something.

    Maybe the guy is a Twilight fan? Went to the dentist to get his own fangs? 

  31. Man i dont know what is going on. My shop had the trade and issue six last month so i was eagerly awaiting this issue but they did not have it. Comics like these are the reason i love the industry it just frustrates me that I cant read this issue because i really want to. Does anyone else have the same problem.

  32. @RazorEdge

    My shop has only orders one copy of each issue, other than the first two when they didn’t order any, and #6 when they ordered a huge stack.  Even after putting my name on a long list of people wanting the second printing of #2, they still didn’t order any and I had to get it from a shop across town where I got the first one.

    Luckily I go in about a half hour after they usually put the books out, so I tend to get the one copy.


    In one of the previous issue’s letter columns (yeah, I like this book enough to read the letter columns) someone asked about the third cibopath and Layman’s response was that we would see him sooner than we’d think.  Had I not read that, I’d probably be a lot more confused.

  33. @Slockhart

    Your store sucks. Go to a different one or go online. 

  34. ***SPOILER***** Lin Sae Woo was a great character.  Can’t believe we won’t see her again.  That’s what I love about CHEW thought, Layman never goes for the obvious.

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