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  1. This is why I love comics.

  2. I love that he’s facing off against the Burger King this issue 😀

  3. I’m still amazed at how much I love this and how fresh it is. The descriptions do not do this story justice.

  4. Without question – BEST new comic of 09!!

  5. I saw the preview and it’s only getting better.

  6. True that Simmons. I was just surprised how well this comic has done. I feared it was going to be a sleeper hit.

  7. @JoeCom: Well, CHEW *is* a sleeper hit.

  8. I’ll be getting all four issues. it’s about time, I suppose.

  9. Great to see the pulls for this comic goin up!  Hopefully this issue breaks the 400 mark 🙂

  10. @Conor: to a extent. But this is the first time I’ve seen a Image coming get four reprints of the first issue. Or any issue for that matter. The most I’ve seen was two (maybe 3) reprints of Invicible issue 50, 51, and I think 60.


  11. Any word on when the first trade is coming out?  My shop doesn’t carry this.

  12. @JoeCom The Obama Variant of Savage Dragon #137 (?) has gone through at least 4 printings, but I know thats something different.

    @struclach It’s solicitated for November, 25th. And why don’t you ask your shop to order it for you?

  13. @Bendrix – Thanks for the info.  My shop doesn’t do well with requests.  I’ve made roughly 15 requests for different titles and the only one that I recall ever getting regularly is G.I.Joe Origins.  The guy who runs it is very polite, but a bit forgetful (and he’s essentially running the shop for fun, so profit isn’t his only motivator). I’ll try again.

  14. Okay, this is my first issue ever with Chew. It’s impossible to find reprints of this thing and the reprints apparently coming out this week didn’t show up at my LCS. So I gave this a shot knowning I would be confused.

    The verdict: I am going to be following this series very closely even if I have to get the first trade to get the other issues. It’s a very funny and cartoony looking series. This totally deserves the praise it’s getting. So now….I guess I am a ‘CHEW’ fantatic.

  15. My shop did not get all the issues they ordered in, so once agin I will have to wait to read this book as a reprint.  Dissapointing because this one of the best books I am reading right now.

  16. Jumping on board today!!

  17. To the people who say it’s impossible to get this book:

    Damn your stores suck. Not getting enough of the first printings, okay, but subsequent ones? Lame. I got first prints of all of em. Even sold my issue #1 for a pretty penny. Then bought the second printing of #1 because it’s that awesome.

  18. This was my POW… but I have no idea what to make of that ending…


    My store didn’t get the first printing of issue 1, so when everyone complained, they didnt order any of the 2nd printings or first printings of issue 2.  When more people complained, they ordered the third printing of #1, about 3 copies of #3, and none of the second printings of #2.  This week they finally got the third printing of #2 and caught on to get a bunch of #4… but no #1 or #3…

    For whatever reason it seems like a lot of stores are resisting this book, which is a shame, because I’d have to say it’s better than anything else I’m reading. 

  19. @miyamoto: My store has gotten shafted by Diamond a lot lately. He had a whole row of new comics not arriving at all. (from the letters T-Z I believe. Cause he had Sweet Tooth as his last new comic.) I would love to get my hand on the reprints but even if he did have it, it would be gone in an instant. These things sell out pretty quickly.

  20. I have seen first hand how smaller stores can get shafted by Diamond in favor of the bigger ones.  It happens, it sucks.

    Anyways, I loved this issue.  My least favorite of the series so far, but still 5/5.  The opening page with Applebee day dreaming about Chu being killed was hilarious.  I can’t get enough of this book.  And if all goes well, will be meeting John Layman later this month in SF 🙂 

  21. Good thing I preordered #1

  22. The page 2/3 layout is fantastic!  I laughed, then I spent 5 minutes just taking in everything.

  23. Great issue.  This story just became interplanetary.  Awesome!

  24. @Slockhart

    Ditch that store man. Wherever you live there has to be a better alternative. Any store that actively resists indie books suck.

    My store often understocks indie books but if they see demand they bow down to that shit.

    Even if you have no other stores in the area, consider Heavy Ink or Midtown Comics. You’ll end up even saving money. Only bad part is you get books a few days later. 

  25. @stuclach I’m sorry to hear that dude. My lcs owner jumps at every chance of a request. If you have a pull list of 8+ your requests are 90% guaranteed to be held up to a week after the wednesday it’s released.

  26. Did I just see a planet explode?

  27. Nice Lost reference with the helicoptor pilot being a ‘F.Lapidus’.

     Anyone bothered to translate the russian dialogue?

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