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CHEW #32

Revelations! Fights! Milkshakes!

Story by John Layman
Art by Rob Guillory
Cover by Rob Guillory

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  1. Does anyone else find it incredibly bullshit that Showtime stopped trying to make a show out of this? This could be an amazing TV series if you find the right network.

    • Well, except they were planning to make it live action, with hour-long episodes. Personally, I would love to see an animated Chew, with half-hour episodes. I could see FX picking it up, though some of the colorful language would have to go.

    • It’s funny you bring that up. I’ve been trying to picture this as live-action while reading some back issues, and I have to agree with jvanvic that I would much prefer an animated series at a half hour a pop. If there was a bigger budget I could see an arc-based full length live action feature working out well, maybe with Poyo(?). Personally, I like my Chew best the way it is, comics are the best (Rob Guillory is phenomenal).

    • The only reason I would want a show out of this is for Layman & Guillory to make good money out of it. That’s the only reason. Otherwise, I’m happy reading the comic.

    • Actually that makes a lot of sense. When this series first started it wasn’t as ‘wacky’ or over the top as it is now. So I’m sure Showtime bought the series thinking it was a humor book but not so cartoony. Now of course it seems like it would be impossible to make this a live action show. Cartoon would work better so maybe a FOX animated series?….Just gripping at straws here.

    • I think in my brain i’m secretly hoping that they said Showtime bailed just so people will be blown away if it gets announced at Comic con.

      I’d be happy with an Animated if it happened.. But a live action, I thinking the over the top ‘wackiness’ of it would build a strong niche crowd…

      but as of right now, I just want a Chog to put on my desk at work.

  2. If those Robert Kirkman background pics don’t end up featured in the Panels of the Week I’m gonna riot.

  3. I’m loving this new, bad-ass Tony. Nothing was more satisfying than him finally going off on his boss. But I love, as usual, the great humor in this book. Particularly on how D-Bear just keeps coming back after dying and how stupid Colby is. Art by Guillory is as amazing as always.

    And yes, those Kirkman pics better be in Panels of the Week. (How have we not seen a response to this yet by Kirkman?)


  4. Love the heck out of this book. I love to zoom in on the panels and see what little extras are in there. I just love the mix of great characters, humor, real stakes, a wacked premise, and awesome art. I could read this and the Sixth Gun all day long.

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