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CHEW #24


This issue we give new meaning to the phrase ‘death by chocolate.’

Art & Cover by ROB GUILLORY

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 12.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. The last issue was so dark. It was great, but I’m not used to it being dark. Let’s see some more cyborg lions pooping please!

  2. Just bought the first trade yesterday and read the first chapter. So far so good! Anyone else reading/read this in trade?

  3. I have read the first three trades and starting on the fourth and than hopefully I can catch up to the current issues. So far what I have read this is a very different kind of comic book all together. I love the action, humor, and the characters are just so out of left field; it makes it a great read.


  4. Kirkmanly. Awesome.

  5. Oh god….That cameo by Kirkman….Could not stop laughing. Hopefully he approved of that but either way it’s hilarious. (And if this turns into a TV series I hope someone makes posters for it) But another fantastic issue all around and really even with the constant delays and waiting I find myself not caring once I get my hands on these issues.

    5/5 (POTW)

  6. Is this the best Image book right now? i bought the first 5 issues, good fun but should i find the trades and keep up, which other Image titles are worth buy?

    • This is hands down the best Image book out now. To be honest, it doesn’t have a whole lot of competition, as Walking Dead has gotten quite stale of late, in my opinion. What else does Image have to compete? Spawn? Haunt? I hear Invincible is good but I’m not reading it, so I can’t comment, but in my opinion the second and third place trophies go to Pigs and Morning Glories.

    • Try The Bulletproof Coffin. There’s one TP and two issues into a new mini. Its great, fantastic, boundary pushing, yet classic feeling stuff!

    • Invincible is at least as good as Chew. I consider it to be better than Chew myself.

    • Two Words: Atom Eve

    • Invincible, Walking Dead, and Chew are my all-time favorite comics. Image is also my favorite publisher, and other great books are Haunt, Skullkickers, Morning Glories, Fatale, Witch Doctor, Super Dinosaur, among others.

    • On Wednesday, I was kind of surprised to see that my entire pull comprised of Image comics! They were:
      Morning Glories; No Pleace Like Home; Chew; Prophet; Bulletproof Coffin. All exceptional books. Image is a force to be reckoned with for the Big 2.

  7. This is easily my favorite comic right now.

  8. met john and rob at the image expo in oakland this weekend. frickin sweet.

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