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CHEW #21


Mike Applebee’s good day, Tony Chu’s first day and John Colby’s last day. An issue of beginning and endings, as we head into the fifth story arc of the multi-Eisner award nominated series about cops, crooks, cooks, cannibals, clairvoyants and… meter maids?

art / cover ROB GUILLORY

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  1. CBR has a big preview for this and boy….I couldn’t stop laughing.

    This is gonna be a good one folks.

  2. Really looking forward to this, Chew delivers every month without fail.

    Does anyone know if they’ll ever have a fill in artist? I love Rob Guillory, but I think it would be interesting to see another person’s take on the madcap Chew world

    • I personally can’t think of any reason to have another artist on this book. It would be a whole other entity without him. This is Guillory’s book at least as much as it is Layman’s.

    • NO! Maybe in a backup or something, but I do not want them to have a fill-in artist. I think Guillory’s art is more responsible for the madcap feel of the world than the actual stories, and they wouldn’t be as interesting or fitting without him. And he is easily my second favorite artist right now after Ryan Ottley!

    • The best comic book series being published today. Let’s see Guillory do TMNT.

    • On one hand I would love to see more of these issues, and I do rant on lateness in comics a lot. But to contradict that I think if Guillory were to leave or be ‘filled in’ by another artist it would kill the entire series. His art is the very reason this series is as perfect as it is. Not to take away from Layman’s scripts at all, but the comic would definitely be not what it is without Guillory.

    • I obviously disagree, I just think it would be interesting for one or two issues we had a story with a different artist. It definitely wouldn’t ruin the book, it’s one issue for crying out loud!

    • It would screw up the flow. This book is purely the vision and the talent of these two creators. Chew IS layman and guillory, and another artist would make things look too realistic or they would try to ape that style. This series would be so much more special once its done if it was just these two creators.

    • Essentially it’s like having an episode of Monty Python with a couple of people replacing Gilliam and Palin. It might be good still, but it wouldn’t be Python.

  3. Am I the only one out here who’s getting a little apathetic to this title? The jokes are good every week, but man, would I love to see some kind of character growth/work or a big plot progression. Seems like that hasn’t happened for a really long time.

    • You’re very alone in this. Sorry weirdo … just kidding.

      But I have to disagree cause I love the new sister’s role, and I love Pollo. I think new characters are being introduced. It’s as awesome as ever. This is the only title I see myself reading in issues until I am poor.

    • I actually felt that way around isue 5-6, but now i’m back on the train.

      Here’s hoping you find your way back to the awesomeness of Chew!

    • Haha, okay okay. I dunno, maybe this is just more of a trade-wait book for me personally. I bought the first $9.99 trade, then shotgunned the second arc issues to catch up. Looking back, those were the most enjoyable arcs for me… eh. We’ll see.

    • I’m kind of the same way. I still think it’s hilarious and excellent, but I’m not as excited for it as I was a few months ago.

  4. Holy crap this was good! It takes me twice as long to read this comic than any other one because i’m constantly zooming in and out to savory every detail of the art and funny easter eggs! Also SOOOO glad this is digital same day as print now!

  5. Best issue to come out in a while, not that Chew’s been bad or anything. The last arc just didn’t do much for me. There is just something about seeing Tony getting beaten with golf clubs that warms my heart, though.

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