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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. #1 was fantastic. really looking forward to this.

  2. Yes! #01 was my POW when it came out, and I expect greatness from this as well. One of the best new indie series of the year so far.

  3. Pity issue 1 came out the same week as Batman and Robin#1 so not many made it their potw. Even so it was mine.

  4. The art is so fresh in this book, it’s seriously a breath of fresh air to me. The story also started off great with issue one. I hope this issue is just as good.

  5. i missed the first issue.  But, thankfully, they got a reprinting of the first one so I can read them in the same week.

  6. I missed the first issue as well, but it wasn’t my fault. My comics shop recieved their shipment of #1 but it was damaged and they had to send it back. But then, the distrubutor ran out of copies to replace them with! Poor guy, he had so many people wanting that issue. So now myself and everyone else who wanted that one are on a list for the reprint.

  7. This is a must read book.

  8. Issue #1 is awesome and I’m happy the iFanboy crew considered it for a POTW.  The art is amazing and the storyline is original.   

  9. Ugh, second time my main store didn’t get it.  Looks like I’ll have to go to the backup store tomorrow.

  10. never read issue 1 but a freind recomended it and i gotta say this is one of the most creative/funny things i’ve read in a long time.

  11. This is sad- went to three stores today and still couldn’t get ahold of the first issue. Looks like I might have to wait for the trade.

  12. I was a little mixed about the first issue, but this second issue has me hooked. It would’ve been my pick of the week had Batman & Robin #2 not come out this week.

  13. ditto @vinh

  14. @greenbillblue

    I think the 2nd printing of #1 should be coming out soon. 

  15. my store didnt have the first issue either 🙁

  16. I think I will be trade-waiting this one.  I am intrigued by it, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to find it.

  17. @SunnyvaleTrash  Ask your comicshop to order it for you. It’s easyer for you AND for the shop. And no hassle involved.

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