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CHEW #10

Cannibal vs. bloodsucker.

art & cover ROB GUILLORY

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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. More Chewy goodness!

    Wonder if this is really going to be a vampire? Or will it be a swerve?

  2. Unless this is up there with issue 1 or issue 3, I’m switching to trades start with #11.  Creator owned on-goings are just more fun that way…

  3. Not sure how you can top last issue’s cliffhanger. Good stuff here. Just sad that it will then take the one-month break after this issue, but at least we know about it ahead of time.

  4. I’m doing the same as Slockhart regardless of quality.

  5. Well, we’re not taking much more of a break than usual. We usually drop an issue around every 5 weeks, so we’re sticking to that. Keeps quality up, and me sane.

    That said,  we’re both really pleased with 10.

  6. BEST $2.99 I spend about every 5 weeks. Trades are tempting but I just love the letters column and want to support the indy books as much as I can. Get the big 2 in trade at a discount to make up for it. Keep up the good work!

  7. @robguillory I wanna ask actually about the kinda/sorta lateness.

    Has it been tough to keep this series at a consistant level? Like some of the stuff you do in each issue is very unique and different from other comic artists. Also….can we expect more Cliffhangers?

  8. Yeah dude, this is the best ongoing series aside from RASL. Awesome month-in and month-out.

  9. @TNC

    Rob will probably clarify this but I’m guessing this is more late because Rob pencils, inks, and colors. If he was just penciling like most Big Two artists I’m pretty sure he could work it monthly. 

  10. Fuck lateness, who the fuck cares!?! You’re doing an awesome job Rob.

  11. @TNC-It’s not lateness. It’s a planned break between arcs. If they solicit and it doesn’t come out when they said it will, then it’s called late. And I say @NawidA is probably right about the artwork being the reason.

  12. Yeah, any lateness we experience is because I do all art, period. If I was just doing pencils or inks, I could probably do three books a month, but none of them would have the quality that I’d want.

    That said, the latest we’ve ever been (and ever plan to be) is a couple weeks late, so considering we’re a two-man team of the truest sense, that’s not catastrophic. We try to keep it honest and up front with you guys, and hope you stick on board, because we’re busting our asses. CHEW is my fulltime gig, so don’t expect us to fall off or fade away as many books do. Rob has bills to pay, after all.

    @TNC, it’s not hard keeping the art at consistent level. Yeah, it’s hard work, but that comes with having a successful book.

  13. @robguillory Well I thank you for being such a hard worker and doing amazing stuff in this in general. Reading this issue makes me not care what you guys do. Cause this was a brilliant issue from start to finish.

    My POTW again for having more antagonist and a deeper mystery for Tony Chu to go through. The art by @robguillory was amazing as always. Great little touches to add to the humor or overall story. My favorite being  Applebee’s ‘memo’ to Chu towards the very end. Again take as long as you want Rob, with pages like this I don’t mind any wait at all. 

  14. Yay! Cliffhanger x 3 = Awesome! Digging the book.

  15. What a surprise, once again a awesome issue of Chew.  Now I can read this whole arc together this weekend.

  16. I think this was a solid book, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied with it. Everything wrapped up nicely and there was a bit too much teasing of things to come for my taste. Still featured a ton of great comedic moments though, that’s what I love about the book. A solid 4/5. 

  17. This book is absolutely fantastic, time after time. This was an easy POTW for me, in a week where I had a lot of really good comics.

  18. Well, this was my last time reading Chew until it has ended and all the trades are out.  As one of the people who picked up #1 on a whim and gave it POTW (over Batman and Robin #1, might I add) I’d hate to see it leave my stack, but to me this whole arc screamed "written for the trade."

  19. This book kicks ass and I’ll continue to support it by picking it up monthly.

  20. Good, but not as great as the first Arc. 4/5

    I may double dip for the second trade as I did on the first, because I like having collected works of books that I do like even when I bough the singles.


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