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  1. Am I stupid for still buying this. I actually don’t think it’s been bad so far, and I think I’m only still getting it in the hope that it becomes unmissable again, but I don’t know…

  2. I haven’t heard much from anyone who’s actually read it. What’s doin’ w/ the cast post Rucka? How’s the story/art?

  3. I’ll admit I was wary when Bruce Jones was announced as the writer, but considering it’s not Rucka, and it reads different to Rucka, it’s not bad.

    There are definitely worse comics out there.

  4. and then I dropped the book…..

  5. I’ll have to agree with Terence. Considering it’s not Rucka it’s been pretty okay. Not ‘hold-your-breath-til-the-next-issue’ good, more a kind of ‘yeah-i’ll-take-that’ good.

    Small cast so far, which is odd for a big sweeping story like they seem to be going for, and the Chimera character has potential to be interesting. I dunno, it’s early days.

    Some of the art, though, has been pretty great. Little messier, fairly gory, but there’s a few panels that are fantastic. Just my opinion. 

  6. I just started picking up this title 2 issues ago and I have to say I love it. I seem to be in the minority though. Was it better before?

  7. @Rooney – No, despite my whining above, I’m enjoying this title. The previous run by Greg Rucka was outstanding, but I think you jumped on at the perfect point as you won’t have the baggage of how good the prior run was hindering your enjoyment of the book, which is good.

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