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  1. My last issue. Good luck to those who stay on. I don’t fancy the outlook after this.

  2. Ditto.  They should have just ended the series after Rucka leaves.  Bruce Jones as a replacement?  Yeah, right.

  3. I can’t wait for this issue, but alas I feel its not going to be a really strong send off like I would’ve liked it to be.  Honestly I can’t wait to replace this title on my pull list, let’s see, a good replacement that’s semi similar to this…..Ex Machina? If ya guys are following any books right now similar to this post! please!

      On another note Rucka + Brubaker on Daredevil….yes!!!!!!!!!

  4. Farewell Checkmate, it was a great run while it lasted.

  5. Not even giving the new team a chance? Come on, people. 

  6. We’ll see about the new team on the book, but frankly I was reading it for Rucka more than I was the characters themselves. We’ll see though…

  7. I’m gonna stick with it. I’ll only stop buying the book if it becomes bad, not because a new writer takes over. Plus I have a huge geek-crush on Sasha!

  8. Bruce Jones has torched all of his credit in the Benefit of the Doubt bank.

  9. What has Bruce Jones done?  For some reason, I remember I don’t like his work…

  10. Wikipedia says Bruce Jones did a 7-issue run on Nightwing.  And I remember Conor saying that Nightwing used to suck.

  11. I was so dissapointed when I found out my copy duplicated pages and cut others out. I know have to wait for a reorder to find out what happens!

  12. You weren’t the only one – Eric Trautmann was short issues of 25 at Emerald City 🙁


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