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  1. I wish I had listened and got this book earlier on.  Stoopid me.

  2. I may or may not actually get this book… I pulled it and it’s on my pull list at the shop, but occasionally I don’t get some of the stuff due to shipping errors (ex. I’m getting Green Lantern 28 this week). Should be interesting though, I’ll just keep myself on  iFanbase black out for this title until I can actually get it

  3. Rucka’s second to last issue and my second to last issue. It will be a huge surprise if this book can survive without him.

  4. I hate when creator’s leave titles like this.  It seemed that Rucka had a vision for this whole secret government agency and was driving towards something.  If it was just this final arc (or maybe the Fall of the Wall arc), so be it.  But I’m hoping Bruce Jones doesn’t make a 180 with the direction of the title or do mass killings to spice up the title.  That said, I’ll probably drop this after Rucka either way.  I’m picking up too many titles as it is.

  5. I still don’t understand DC’s decision on this one – Trautmann is one of the creators responsible for the small but devoted following this book has, so why wouldn’t you keep building on that? It’s so bizarre – almost like they want this book to fade away quietly instead of having to cancel it and raise the ire of the fans.

    Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to these next two issues even if it’s more of a bittersweet sentiment that I’d hoped for…this book has been wonderful from th get-go.

  6. Yeah, Trautmann on this book makes perfect sense. Has anyone heard if Bruce Jones is the new ongoing writer? Or is he just treading water before the new writer gets announced?

  7. This issue was ten times better than the previous.  It’s sad that this run is ending.

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