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In the wake of her run-in with Batman and the loss of someone very dear to her, Catwoman turns over a new leaf.

With a new attitude, a new partner and a new game plan, she embarks on a new journey: She’s stealing hot cars. The competition isn’t too happy about it, and the Gotham PD are that much closer to nailing her.

There’s only one way out: Drive really, really fast.

Written by Judd Winick
Pencilled by Adriana Melo
Inked by Mariah Benes
Lettered by DC Lettering
Cover by Guillermo March
Cover Color by Guillermo March

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I’m going to miss Guillem March on the interiors, but the preview art for this issue definitely didn’t look bad. Does anybody know when Guillem will be back on this title full-time, if at all? I love seeing his art. Also, when did he change from Guillem March to Guillermo March?

    • Looks like March will be back on interiors on issue 9 which is the Court of Owls crossover. It seems that 7 & 8 are both drawn by Melo and are a sort of mini-arc featuring a new super-pal called Spark.

  2. I freaking love this book. the so called critics are way too hard on it.

    • I was shocked to see this title at the very top of my reading list. I’ve enjoyed every issue. I think the March’s art has been key, so I’m hoping the art sub in this issue is passable.

  3. I dropped this as of last ish.

    Let me know how it is.

    I dig Adriana Melo, but I had to cut way back on titles.

  4. Catwoman is a great middle of the stack book. Story and art are spot on and it keeps me wanting more.

  5. This is my last issue of the series for the time being.


  6. This series is high on energy and I love it. I kind of see it as a deconstruction of Selina’s character but I will miss Guilleme on art.

  7. This is a very good comicbook title!! Catwoman is hot and seriously all in type action on every issue, never been disappointed!! If you not reading this you should probabaly go ahead and jump on this month.


  8. I’ve been interested in this series since the end of Gotham City Sirens because of Guillermo March. I was going to wait for a trade but I think I’ll jump on board this week since there’s very little else I want. I hope the writing is good though.

    • Just to warn ya, March is off pencils for the next two issues. But Adriana Melo is decent, and March will be back on with #9. The book’s been tons of fun though, so I’d recommend jumping on ASAP.

    • Well, I’ve read it and I’m not impressed. It just seems a little weak. Catwoman steals cars and meets a dude who reminds me of Spectre but not as cool (giving his name would be a spoiler I suppose). I need a little more than this for story. I love the cover though.

    • I would not gauge your opinion on this one issue, go back back and purchase the first five and you will really understand the Catwoman a little better and perhaps enjoy some of the fun in this issue.


  9. This issue is a joy-ride. Hot cars, hot girls. This book isn’t deep, but it is entertaining. Like the rest of you, I wish March was drawing this, but Melo does just fine. The posters above who weren’t impressed with this issue, should really go back and check out any of the issues drawn March (#1-6). He seals the deal.

  10. Good fun is the description for this issue, not really a whole lot of deep story plot going on. I for one enjoyed it and this title itself has been a grade “A” comicbook.

    • Sorry got interupted. The Gotham PD maybe after her but I think she really will take up pretty much the same old pre-52 Catwoman mantle.


  11. This was fun and we had to have a break in intensity of the first arc. Didn’t love it as much as all the others but I love the character they have set up in Selina. This is right up there with my favorite books from the relaunch. If it wasn’t for Batman i would have a few joint top books. this is definitely one of those. Really didn’t think it would be the case and i just tried it to try it. Now i can;t wait for the next issue as soon as i have put down the last.

  12. Im still enjoying this series, and am finding although there hasn’t been anything groundbreaking going on its been a simple and enjoyable read.

  13. Do we really need this Spark character?? That is the only reason this did not top the charts for POW for me. I just think there are plenty of characters already out there DC can use, and now we go and create another. Catwoman has plenty of fun and story right now and I really do not see how she needs this yoinker!!


  14. Maybe I am just jealous!! (BWAAAH-HAHA-HAHA-HA!)


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