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• Catwoman is caught in The Joker’s trap as he toys with her mind.

• But The Joker should beware because Catwoman always comes to play!

Story by Ann Nocenti
Art by Rafa Sandoval & Jordi Tarragona
Colors by Sonia Oback
Letters by Carlos M. Manual
Cover by Trevor McCarthy

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. I’m out . This book has gone way downhill since issue 12. It’s just boring now . I re-read the last issue hoping that I missed something and it’s actually a good book but no, I’m right in dropping it.

  2. I don’t mind it. It’s very different from the first 12 issues. But for sure not bad enough for me to drop it.

  3. I am living the Death in the Family story/crossover but also very much look forward to the book I read in the first five issues.

  4. This book went from being one of the BEST new 52 titles under Winick to being awful. DC needs more talent plain and simple. I don’t want to read books from the crossover novelists that don’t have a handle on the characters or guys that were big in the 80’s and 90’s but now just don’t have the chops. IE jurgens, Levitz, Giffen, Lobdell, Defalco, Nicieza and so on. I have liked some of these guys work in the past but it is just dated now. DC needs to do a better job of getting new talent like marvel has done over and over through the years.

  5. Surprisingly decent story. That art however….. just god awful.

  6. Meh, what a waste of a crossover. This book is dropped.

  7. I am really liking the “Death of the Family” arc but yes, Catwoman has been going down hill since issue 8 or 9 (whenever the dollhouse arc started). Which really sucks, I loved the first six issues of this title but if you are interested in women of gotham I would suggest switching over to Batgirl. Batgirl has been pretty solid from issue 1 and still going strong, at least in my opinion.

  8. I really enjoyed this issue once again. Yeah, the writing isn’t as good as the first 12 issues but still very enjoyable.

  9. This is the last issue for me. Dropping it.
    They devoted seemingly an entire issue to Joker torturing Catwoman just so he could tear off her suit. Not once but TWICE!
    I don’t need this in my comic books.

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