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• The big finale is here, as CATWOMAN confronts DOLLHOUSE!

• Don’t miss the fallout from CATWOMAN’s tryst with SPARK!

Written by Judd Winick
Art by Adriana Melo & Julio Ferreira
Cover by Guillem March

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I keep trying to drop this title to save money. But after seeing the preview now I have to get it…….

    • Oooohh! Batman is gonna put a hurtin’ on that thing.

    • @Danigotham I feel your pain on title drops to save money its ashame this title been good I may have to make this my last issue.

    • I am done after the zero issue. I have been reading Catwoman since her first series by Jo Duffy, but I won’t even give Ann Nocenti a shot as writer. She was never written anything that I have liked.So because of Ann Nocenti, Iwill walk away.

    • I think I heard she is writing the #0 issue also. Somebody told me it is listed wrong on

    • I think I will just keep it on my pull list until December at least. Sounds like pretty much everything up to that point is going to be tied into ‘Death of the Family’ with the Joker storyline in Batman. So I would be getting those anyway.

  2. This is such a creepy story!! Not what I expected when I started reading this Catwoman story.

  3. This story has been a blast!

  4. I’m gone with Winnick.

  5. This has been the best book of the new 52, in my book, wish it’s run was longer. That said, I’ll give he other team a try, but sounds like it’ll be very different.

  6. I read #7 and didn’t like it much, but I just love Guillem March’s covers. Since I have nothing else to get this week, I think I’ll just collect Catwoman for the covers. Maybe I’ll be surprised by the story but I doubt it. I feel much the same way about Batwoman. Great art but a story I just don’t like.

  7. This has been my surprise book out of the Nu52. I only got issue one because I am a pig and could not pass up Guillem March drawing Catwoman. But the story has been great; Winnick really kept it moving, tying up major plot threads within an issue, but giving us a good sub plot along the way. I am curious to see where this goes after Winnick leaves, but I am glad he was given this book for his run at least!

  8. Thank you Judd Winnick and Guillem March for a fantastic run.

    I have zero enthusiasm for the next creative team and their decision to dump Winnick’s excellent work to start from ground zero.

  9. To continue the rant, why was Winnick pulled in the first place? Sales were reasonable. I don’t see him being moved to a higher profile title?

    If something is working, why not stay the course?

    DCs decision making with replacement writers has been extremely poor.

  10. Wow, so glad I picked this up. It was totally awesome. And very surprising ending! This issue beat out Daredevil as my pick of the week!!

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