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  1. Anyone read anything else by Paul Cornell?  Is he a good writer?

  2. He is indeed. He’s better known for his Doctor Who novels, especially with the character he created during writing those – Bernice Summerfield. He also writes for TV, for BBC’s Robin Hood, ITV’s Primeval and, of course, for BBC’s Doctor Who. He wrote ‘Father Day’ for for the first relaunch season, and ‘Human Nature’ and ‘The family of Blood’ for last years – adapted from one of his novels.

    In comics, he was responsible for the Pete Wisdom MAX series ‘Wisdom’ and for the recent Young Avengers presents: The Vision issue, which came out last week.

    I’m really looking forward to this one.

  3. Is this ongoing or a one-shot?

  4. When I first saw that Cornell had this book coming out my first response was, "Why isn’t he writing the new Doctor Who series?" I understand he probably wants to break out to other things though. He’s been one of the only consistant Who writers for the last 17 years. 

  5. @saturnmda-This is an ongoing series. One that hopefully will last a long time.  It looks awesome.

  6. What exactly is this book about? I’m buying it on the hope that the Black Knight (one of my personal favorites) is actually in it… the write-up doesn’t really say much else

  7. Black Knight is a part of the team, so he should be there regularly.

  8. well then I’m on until it starts to get really bad… Black Knight and Iron Fist (in the ’90s Heroes For Hire) are what got me into comics in the first place. Plus, Wikipedia has a link to the first 6 or so pages of this, and the art looks awesome, so I’m happy

  9. I’m a big fan of the Black Knight also. I hadn’t really read anything with him in it until the X-men/Avengers Bloodties crossover, and I’ve liked him ever since. Hell, he was even cool leading Ultraforce back in the Malibu days. 

  10. I liked this more than I thought I would considering I don’t really know the characters–kind of fun.

  11. @AlexG Me too. I have very little idea of who these characters are, and even though it was obvious there was a lot of stuff I was missing, it was a lot of fun. So far this is my favorite secret invasion related book besides SI’s first issue. Glad to here this is will be an ongoing series.

  12. I know nothing of the characters, and I found it far more entertaining than most of the SecretInvasion crossovers. I can’t wait to see where this series leads!

  13. i origanaly wasn’t going to get this for i was never a huge british hero fan.  i only picked it up on a wime becuase of the variant cover with the champians skrull (ghost rider fan talking), and it was awsome.  i totaly recomend it.

  14. @Deezer – The book will basically be about reviving the British Marvel Heroes, working for British Military Inteligence’s MI:13 (The Department for Superhuman, supernatuaral and extra-terrestrial affairs). The threat in the first arc is, unsurprisingly, the Skrull invasion which is happening all across the world.

    It features a flag wearing British hero (Captain Britain), a spy (Pete Wisdom, an Avenger (The Black knight), an Invader (Spitfire), a civillian who is about to be given powers (Faiza Hussain) and a rogue Skrull working for the British Government (John the Skrull – who was part of a failed Skrull attempt to replace The Beatles, in the 1960s).

  15. This is a great issue, and I have to say my hat is off to Paul Cornell. I’m English so I have an affinity for the British Superheroes of the MU, and one of the first series I ever read was the original Excalibur but with recent flops like New Excalibur I have been disappointed, but no longer. I think the having Captain Britain go back to his roots of just being a super hero and not being involved in the C.B. Corp (which btw is current destroyed). Also I think this is the first time in a long time that I have enjoyed Pete Wisdom. Pete Wisdom showed up back in the original Excalibur around issue 90, most recent he was poorly written in new Excalibur and I really came to dislike the character but no longer. As Conor said having a different PoV on the whole invasion really gives it a greater scope and depth.

    I really liked seeing skrulls with the powers of various team from the past like the defenders, the Champions and the original avengers. Also I think it’s interesting how the Skrulls want to destroy the earth’s access to magic an interesting thing to note. Could it be that magic is the one thing the Skrulls can’t completely control? As we saw in N.A. the new Skrull queen doesn’t seem to care for magic? Is there some larger connection or am I just making random speculations like any other comic reader? 

    Also b/c this is the PoW can we not write a review about it? 

  16. I remember getting very excited when the New Mutants visited the UK way back in an annual (drawn by Alan Davis – they had a fight in Forbidden Planet in Denmark St I think) Now there are loads! Even the Free Comic Book Day X-Men comic was set in Cymru! (That’s Welsh for Wales btw) Come on! Set all Marvel in UK! It’s more intresting than Bumf*ck, New Jersey or what ever!

  17. Once more, some great weirdo combination superhero skrulls. So, question for you folks out there, what weirdo comination superhero skrulls are you hoping to see in secret invasion? Personally, I’m hoping for a Spider-Luke Cage.

  18. Definitely the best handling of Pete Wisdom since Warren Ellis on Excalibur. Heck, even Warren Ellis wrote him pretty bad over in X-force.  Anybody even remember that Counter-X crap anymore?  I loved this book. Hopefully it’ll stick around for a long long time.

  19. i must be missing something

  20. Very enjoyable …. hopefully more black knight in the coming issues … a very under-utilized character at marvel methinks.

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