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Before he received his godlike powers, Captain Atom was a military man – an Air Force pilot. Now, he’s being recruited again to serve his country as only he can.

But will Captain Atom go along with his new role as a weapon of mass destruction?

Written by J.T. KRUL

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  1. Before he received his goodawful remake in the New 52, Captain Atom was a great character- great well defined powers, and well respected in the DCU! Now, he’s being changed into a bad version of Dr. Manhattan meets Firestorm. But will Captain Atom go back to being the Captain we know and love? Probably not along with the horrible versions of Firestorm and Blue Beetle!

  2. Well, I disagree on Blue Beetle… but this is the Captain’s last chance to get me on board. I’ve been giving a chance because there are elements I like, and out of a fondness for the character. But that will only get you so far because – as you say – this ain’t Cap.

    • I disagree with the Firestorm slam as well. I want to like Captain Atom, but the execution is not working for me.

    • @Metamorphic and @SsmoManCometh- Those were three of my favorite characters in the DCU and I guess thats why I have been so hard on them. Was not trying to slam any of them since I hope at some point they can draw me back in one day. I still have a special place in my comic heart for them and I really wish there reboot was handled a little better.


  3. Three issues in, and I can’t tell if I am enjoying this book or not. I really love the art, and some of the ideas. So far, that’s enough to keep me coming back.

  4. This issue was the best yet. I’m really digging the artwork.

  5. Was there a Captain Atom people knew and loved? If there was I didn’t see any of that pre-relaunch. All I’ve heard about was the 80’s Cary Bates Captain Atom. Nothing good in the 90’s or 2Ks. Monarch was botched from the beginning. This new Atom is different from everything that’s come before. He’s more like Firestorm but even more powerful. It’s less super-hero and more God-complex with repercussions. It’s keeping me interested.

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