The story so big we needed another issue to finish it! The return of Captain America! The fight for the body and soul and mind of Steve Rogers! Avengers versus the Red Skull and his cronies! The biggest finale of the year is finally here! Brought to you by Ed Brubaker, Bryan Hitch and Butch Guice!

WRITER: Ed Brubaker
PENCILS: Bryan Hitch
COLORED BY: Paul Mounts
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Caramagna
COVER BY: Bryan Hitch

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. I wonder how it ends ?


  2. Finally!  The series has been enjoyable, but I’m glad to see it end.  I’ve been holding onto Who will yield the shield and Cap #602 to read after this.  Even thought Iron man and Avengers pretty much let the cat out of the bag.

  3. I pulled it, but i am not sure if I will buy it. I have no hard feelings about the delay, but will have to flip through it at the store to see if it seems worth reading.

  4. I kind of hope that is not the cover …

  5. So all that Steve travelling through the past was really wasted material, huh?  He didn’t change the outcome of any events, he didn’t learn anything from them, and in reliving them, he didn’t affect his own ressurection… so it was mearly wasted time until Red Skull brought him back to life.  Its like watching a movie for two hours about a courtroom drama, and then it turns into an alien invasion story.

  6. I have also had Wield the Shield sitting on my desk for weeks waiting to read it after this.

  7. @Grandturk – Yes, because when stories don’t go the way we expect them to go, it’s all wasted material.  🙂

  8. Beast?

  9. @OnASunday: Beast was a longtime Avenger.

  10. After this comic no more Cap for me for a while.



  11. i really don’t feel a need to buy this book, if i hadn’t ordered it from my LCS i probably would have dropped this mini with issue 4. It saddens me that i just wrote that about Captain America

  12. @ KickAss – Well, unless they revisit it in the future, it is wasted material.

  13. Now that S.W.O.R.D. (R.I.P.) is cancelled and he quit the X-Men they can put Beast back on the Avengers.

  14. @Andrew
    I’m in exact same boat as you plus this is a big week for me

  15. SWORD is cancelled?   Ah, that sucks.

  16. @Conor I had totally forgotten that.  I never read it when he was on the team, but I knew about it.

    That would be pretty fucking sweet to have Beast in the ranks of the Avengers.  Interested to see how many Avengers titles there will be after NA is finalized. 

  17. I really wish Beast still was an avenger. I love Beast. If we go to more "classic" avengers in the near future I’d love to see more of him, especially as he left the x-men I think?

    Also, thank frig this is ending. 

  18. Let me throw my (meaningless) hat in to the ring, and second the idea of how awesome it would be to have Beast back on an Avengers team. Let’s swap out the ridiculously over-exposed Wolverine for Beast. To avoid the too many brains issue he can not team up with Pym, but Iron Man is ok. If Bendis is writing I will miss the Spidey/Wolverine banter, but I am sure we can get that from one of the 600 other books Wolverine regularly appears in.

  19. I am so numb to this issue, I don’t even know what to say. It’s here? I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from picking this book up. :-p 

    I’ve long expected Beast quitting the X-Men over in Fraction’s Uncanny would be the first hint that he’d be rejoining a post-SIEGE Avengers. Or maybe a reunited Defenders. (The Moondragon, Beast, Angel, Iceman years.) 

  20. glad this is ending

  21. I am gonna get this issue, but it’s gonna be like trying to salvage a broken marriage; "I’ve already spent so much  time and money on this arc, might as well see it to the end."

  22.  About the cover:

    Can someone tell me if the gun in Bucky Caps hand is the same gun that Sharron Carter shot Stevie Cap with?

  23. I must be the only one that can’t stand Bryan Hitch’s art.

  24. Since I no longer need to read this issue I just saved myself $3.99.  Way to go Marvel editoral staff!

  25. @Prax: This is the last time I can call you:

    ‘Marvel’s interview boy’. 🙂

  26. Does Steve Rogers save Iris Allen? No wait that is DC’s ^#@ed up release schedule.

  27. SICK i cant wait even though i already know what happened

  28. @Bibble
    Nope, I can’t f’ing stand it.

    It looks like the regular Luger they’ve had him w/. I think the time-gun was a bit klunkier.

    "The story so big we needed another issue to finish it!"

    Fuck you, Marvel soliciter. 

  29. I think I’m going to just look forward to finding out what happens to the Red Skull in the end.  we don’t know everything.  oh, and maybe more mad scientist dick measuring with Zola, Faustus, and Doom!

  30. @captbastrd: Those last two sentences made me laugh. Thank you good sir.

  31. @Bibble and captbastrd:  I’m starting a slow clap for both of you, about time someone said how bad Hitch’s artwork is.

  32. I just want to tell Bryan Hitch: "Go back to the 90’s where you’d fit in!"

  33. I’m with everybody who held of on ‘who will wield’ and cap 602 until this came out. Still upset it won’t end with red skull in caps body and nobody knowing it. That wouldve been awesome.

  34. @devildog: He fits in quite well in the current times. In fact, he has in many ways influenced the look of modern comics.

    Yes, he is slow.

  35. luckily he worked in BOTH the 90’s and 00’s

  36. @ The bastrd & TNC – WOW, the hostility towards actual people working in comics has grown in you, and it’s sad.  SAD.

  37. Much better to have hostility towards people posting on comics message boards.

  38. @kickass  yeah, cause your hostility towards Josh isn’t sad or weird or creepy or disturbing or downright unsettling at all


  39. @Roi: *slow claps*

    I’m so tired of Bryan Hitch:

    2010 Me: Yay! Bryan Hitch is doing Batman!

    2012 Me: What? He still hasn’t got the last issue out!?

  40. I will never understand people getting so riled up about books being late. This is a very extreme example, and Siege makes it stick out like a sore thumb, but even still, we knew how the story was going to end anyway. It was called "Captain America: Reborn" for god’s sake!

    I’m still looking forward to this. I just kind of think it should have been in the regular Cap numbering.. They could have even wriggled a few things around and started the Arc at 600, or perhaps pushed the Gene Colan issue back and started Reborn at 601 and had his issue follow immediately after.  

  41. @Many – Oh so now it’s MY fault Josh whines abot everything I love?  🙂

    Funny how this is still Brubaker, yet since the numbers aren’t the same as the original Captain America series, everyone claims "This book is CRAP!"  Ah, the easily persuaded of the iFanboy masses.

  42. My taste really sucks because I like this book and am looking forward to the final issue.

  43. I’m gonna buy it, I’m gonna read it, I’m gonna enjoy it.

    The fact that this should’ve just been regular issues of Captain America done by Epting and Ross will not be mentjoned again. 🙂


  44. Now don’t get me wrong, i love this book, love it


    i just wish it had come out on time. the writing is baller

  45. Steve comes back from the dead only to get hit by a bus next week. Just you watch.

  46. @Urthona: I wouldn’t say your tastes suck. This book gets criticized often (yes, it has flaws and was very late) but it gets above average ratings on this and other websites, and the sales are high. People like this book, despite its shortcomings.

  47. I liked it but i really don’t get how the red skull went all Giant -Man. It looked like he was trying to use Doom’s time machine and sharon knocked him out of it mid slip. does that make you giant now?

  48. @RoiVampire: No, that doesn’t make you giant, but Sharon Carter shooting you with Pym Particles does.

  49. This issue was worth it just for the line “wait Norman osborn has avengers?”

  50. Oh, this was rather a mess, no? Not outright terrible but… I don’t know that this issue was necessary. Essentially, this was the Power Rangers formula. "Fight evil. Defeat it. Evil is magically enlarged, band together to use your combined powers to defeat large menace." There were some nice moments: "Norman has avengers?" But ultimately this was unsatisfying. Characters just disappear from the narrative (What happened to Zola and the Modoks?). Hitch’s art seemed more together here, but damn the Steve/Bucky splash page is nice, and there’s an incredibly colored/shadowed panel of Steve early in the issue. Overall, this is a series I regret buying. It tarnished my love Brubaker’s Cap… it wasn’t the worst thing ever, but definitely not what I expected. 3/5.

    @conor I figured that’s what happened, but that was not at all clear to me from the art. 

  51. This issue would have been fucking awesome and a total fist pumper if it had came out 4 months ago, and the first appearence of steve in now time. I am in no way anti-hitch, however I do question the desision to put him on a book that so effected the entire universe. Still, no biggie, the art looked great!

  52. thread for issue #2, 8/3/09, 9:43 pm: who called it?

    so this probably would have been better as part of the regular Cap book. other than that, I really have no complaints.  Steve is back but a new man, Bucky’s still in the uniform, in true comic book fashion, the bad guys are defeated but only to want vengeance more than ever, not a bad fucking story.

    and, I’m guessing all those hints of the future have to do with something Brubaker has cooking, not Siege. 

  53. @PraxJarvin: Seemed pretty clear to me.

  54. Awesome, as expected.


  55. I loved it; it had a few flaws, but nothing that stopped me from enjoying it. This probably should have been two separate issues… but I think that the tears alone would have flooded the internet to death.

  56. Thought it was alright.  I wasn’t expecting much and I thought the middle was pretty good.  I find it kinda funny that Brubaker wrote a giant red skull.  I think he might have been talking to Millar recently. 😉

  57. I really just enjoyed Hank Pym and Falcon in this series.  And Vision.  It was almost like he was regular old Vision, who I really want back because I hate the new version.  A lot.

  58. Hated it!

    Well, not quite hated, but glad its over.

  59. @ Abirdsview said, "so this probably would have been better as part of the regular Cap book."

    How?  HOW?!  Can any intelligent person explain HOW this would have been better as part of the regular Cap book?!?!  HOW?!?!

  60. @kickass-can any intelligent person give a reason for making this a mini-series that does not include greed?

  61. actually other then the lateness thought it was pretty good

  62. I thought it was good.  Now I want to know what those walker things are and who the guy who seems to have Thor’s hammer in the future are! Cant wait…just dont let Hitch draw it…please?

  63. @MisterJ: His point is a good one, though. Does simply changing the trade dress on the cover change one’s perception of what happens inside?

    And "greed"? Really? This is a company trying to sell as many books as they can to as many people. That’s their job.

  64. @AlanRob I could have sworn I’ve seen those walkers before but I can’t place where at all.

  65. @conor-To be clear I was just firing a shot at the rhetoric that kickass employed and his zombie posting nature. 

    Further, greed is NOT bad (BIG Gordon Gecko fan here).  But it almost certainly is the reason that this was made into a mini-series instead of just continuing the regular series.

    That much having been said, people certainly have a right to look at the situation and not like the company’s actions, thus changing their perception.  This is true even if they are completely defendable positions by the company.  I certainly do not feel that I was taken advantage of because they stopped publishing the Cap book for 5 or 6 months.

    Given that I have (hopefully) clarified my position, how was my point wrong?

  66. Really didn’t like the whole giant-skull thing. This whole issue was unnecessary and tarnished this otherwise above-average mini. The only good thing about this issue was the art, and that interesting bit about the future.

  67. Wow… I had to laugh at the way Hytch drew Ronin running from the fallen Skull. And did it have to be Sharon who made Red Skull giant? Must it be Sharon who fucks everything up when she comes in contact w/ a crazy-gun of any kind?

  68. @MisterJ: I think it’s wrong to call it "greed." It’s publishing.

  69. That having been said, I think that "stupid" is a more apropos word. This was a story that should have just been in the regular CAPTAIN AMERICA bbok.

    But feeling that way doesn’t effect how I judge the story.

  70. To play devil’s advocate to Conor’s point, which has already been stated numerous times by numerous people (myself included), I *do* think that it is fair for the readership to expect a bit more shakeup or a more startling reveal to finish off the  series. There would be a lower (though still significant) level of expectation if the story were contained in the main Cap book. 

    The "Greed" issue, though, is kind of silly. The benchmark used to call the decision to make this story a mini "greedy" would then encompass almost every business decision ever made. It’s just improper, misleading, Hannity/Olbermann-style diction. 

  71. It’s the story you’re evaluating here, not the "title" "numbers" "marketing" "sales" etc.

    Critics lose track of that constantly.  All that matters is story, nothing else.  Not your feelings on a companies decision making.  Keep that to yourself, that’s for you.  Only evaluate the story, or you lack the capacity to properly evaluate story and art.

  72. RE:  Greed issue-Like I said, I do not fault Marvel for it, as it is a legitimate decision.  They are a business.

    But, is it not greedy to want more than what one has?  I just do not understand why people have a negative connotation for greed.  There is no difference between saying ‘increase sales’ and ‘greed’ except less words.

    Look, all I am saying is that they put this in mini-series format to get more copies out, more readership, and more $.  It’s not wrong, but that is why they did it.

  73. @kickass-your point is only valid if someone said that ‘putting this out in a mini made me hate the story.’

  74. @Kickass  The marketing and packaging of a given product have everything to do with ones view and review of a product. What if one felt mislead by the marketing? Or if the cover promises something that isn’t inside the book? (Which one could argue the Hitch cover of this features many characters who make no appearance at all.) The medium and its constituent parts are just as important as the content.  While I really don’t see the need for this to have not been Captain America #602-608, I also don’t understand "taking off points" because it’s not. That being said, there is a valid argument in saying that one may have enjoyed this better if it weren’t being marketed and billed as a wholly separate event from the main title – thus stepping up one’s expectations of the story, art, direction, etc.  

  75. "Greed" carries a negative implication. It is explicitly negative, not neutral. 

  76. blahblahblah

    This mini was awesome. Loved every minute of it.

  77. personal favorite issue of the series.

  78. @MisterJ Just use a nicer word like: Avarice.

  79. I thought most of us inadvertantly agreed to not feeding the trolls.  If that’s the case, then why are we still paying attention to them?

  80. fucking Marvel Orange Lanterns

  81. Ok despite all the hate, I liked this issue.  I didn’t care for Steve "Leaping" through time and Marvel dropped the ball releasing this along side the curent Cap series. Most of this issues were crap. However, Steve is back and this issue was fun, it was drawn beautifully, and I like where it is going.  This made up for a disappointing #602.  I’ll probably drop the Cap ongoing soon so this was refreshing.

  82. I don’t think I’ve ever given a Brubaker book only 2 stars.  A giant red skull, really?  Horrible artwork by Hitch that would lead you to believe he’s a newfounded amateur, not a seasoned professional.  The only redeeming part was the end that adds some mystery to the mini that we already how it would play out.

  83. What a load of crap this was. Horrible.  Definitely the worst issues of the entire Brubaker Cap run. 

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