Price: $64.99
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  1. Strange that it doesn’t go to 50.

  2. It seems they are making the Omnibi smaller, and smaller.

  3. I’m still not convinced this is vol.2 of "Captain America by Ed Brubaker".  If it was, it wouldn’t start with a reprint of issue #25 which was presented in volume 1.  Think I’ll wait it out a year or so.  I’m betting on an actual volume 2 which will reprint from #26 to #600. 

  4. I’ll go beyond even "Strange", and say "preposterous".  Seems a pretty blatant attempt to gouge more money out of the reader

  5. I’m sure they didnt want to do this up to fifty. Only because they wanted to finish the story arc of ‘Death of Captain America’. It would feel kinda lame that this wraps up Brubaker’s epic, and then shoehorns in a couple of bland mini arcs involving Bucky’s past.

  6. @TNC- agreed, This makes sense as a collection.  Reprinting 25 just makes it new reader friendly.

  7. I’m torn.  I already have the hardcovers for 25-48, but this new omnibus would look so nice sitting next to number 1 on the shelf….  sigh

  8. 18 issues of comics for $65 (or $40 on Amazon).


    12 issues of an Absolute for $100 (discount on Amazon $60-$55?)

    I wish the collection was bigger as well, but it is a good deal that could be better.

  9. I just got the Vol 1 Omnibus this week – do we have any definitive proof that this should be considered Vol 2?  I’d hate to have to re-buy!

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