• Part 3 of “POWERLESS”

• Madbomb riots in Manhattan! The Serpent Squad!

• Steve Rogers losing faith in himself!

Story by Ed Brubaker
Art by Alan Davis, Mark Farmer
Colors by Laura Martin
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, & Laura Martin

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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. Really enjoying this series.

    • Totally, when I first herd that steve mcniven was ending his run I was really disappointed. But I think Davis art (although it dasent really come off as epic)has a good warm feeling to it that works well with cap. Plus Im really digging the story,it’ll be interesting to see if the reason the serum only worked on steve was because of his amazing willpower.

  2. • Part 3 of “POWERLESS”

    • Madbomb riots in Manhattan! The Serpent Squad!

    • Steve Rogers losing faith in himself!

    there;s no part of that solicit that sounds interesting. this arc has killed any momentum the book had.

    • And when Alan Davis is on board that should not be happening.

      I’ve reached my Brubaker saturation point. I could go a long time without seeing superheroes in bars beating up thugs for info and be very happy. I gave this, Cap Team Up (Cap and Bucky) and Winter Soldier a chance. All have left me cold, outside of the first Cap and Bucky arc, but I think Samnee pulled my through that one.

  3. I have been REALLY DISAPPOINTED by this series so far. I liked the Cap & Bucky for the 1st arc and then the story just went down hill from there. Hoping that series will get better with the new writer. And I have not read Winter Soldier yet, it’s in my pile of books. But I really think it’s time for a new voice for Cap. Brubaker has worn out his welcome with the character.

  4. Alan Davis’ art on this is gorgeous. Ah, Sharon Carter, what a babe!

  5. This issue had a great ending I wasn’t expecting.

  6. This is classic Cap in a late sixties sort of way. Genre comics, yes, but executed to perfection. Might not be everybody’s thing but sure it’s mine.

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