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THE HEROIC AGE IS HERE! Acclaimed artist Butch Guice joins award-winning writer Ed Brubaker as the summer begins with a blast from the past! Zemo returns to finish the job his father started — Killing Bucky!

WRITER: Ed Brubaker
PENCILS: Butch Guice
COLORS: Dean White
COVER BY: Marko Djurdjevic

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 23.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Baron Zemo. I’m cool with that. Hopefully this storyline would be back in form to Brubaker’s first 25 issue run. Fingers are crossed.

  2. @jcakietam – I hope so too.  I dropped the title during Reborn and Siege.

  3. Reborn wasn’t bad, it’s the art didn’t fit.

  4. If there will be more lines like, "It’s over, Captain Un-America!" or "You will be the one escaping!", then I’m totally in.

  5. Just read up on Zemo, sounds like a good villain.

  6. do or drop for this book…it’s been a bit of a let down this last year for cap fans =(

  7. The preview for this looked good–definitely checking it out. 

    @jackietam: I have to disagree on that, actually. Reborn was definitely written to be a big summer action event, and Finch is perfect for that kinda stuff.  

  8. Dropped. I may come back but it feels good to drop this book now while i still think its ok. i’ll be keeping up with bucky in Avengers and i can always pick up the trades if i hear it’s brilliant again

  9. On second thought Bucky-Cap might not work. Not a good product dropped it after that last arc

  10. Via the pre-order (DCBS), I have dropped Cap two months from now. That gives them two issues to change my mind. Zemo could do it. I dare him to do it.

  11. I’m on the drop line for Cap.  It just hasn’t been delivering over the past year.  The last arc I was gleeful over was Batroc ze Leaper and that was about a year ago.  Rebirth and siege really through a horrible wrench in this book for me personally.

  12. zemos one of my faveorite marvel villans so im in

  13. Bucky, Zemo, Brubaker, Guice.  that’s about all I need to know.

  14. come on Cap, regain my interest!

  15. Am I correct to assume the Nomad backup is now gone since she’s in Young Allies coming out this week?


  16. Gentelmen, this is the desiding issue. For if this issue doth not wow, then it shall be chopped.

  17. Man, Butch Guice is an incredible artist. I was tempted to pull this based on him alone.

  18. @OwlyFan I don’t think so, unfortunately. Not yet anyway. Weird, since those backups were basically just prelude to Young Allies.

    Kinda curious at what point in continuity this is, considering Zemo’s shown up at the end of the last ish of Thunderbolts.

  19. This book is gonna be rad! I love pretty much every element contained in it, from characters to the artist to the writer. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again….this book is still awesome! 




  21. This cover makes me excited for this storyline. I wish they would change out the back-up feature. I’m not enjoying reading about Heroes Reborn Bucky.

  22. Talk about a trend, so many of us are on the verge of dropping!  But man, Zemo seems like the perfect antidote.  Hope we get Falcon too.  I seriously don’t want to drop this book, please deliver Bru! 

    Awesome cover is definitely a step in the right direction.   What this book needs is a good villain, I personally hate all these different versions of Cap, Cap shouldn’t be the source of the problem, he should be America’s answer!

  23. No way I’m dropping this book if Zemo is getting back in the mix. PULLED!!

  24. I was looking to drop this because the last few issues have been sub par.  However, with Zemo back and a change in direction maybe I’ll stay onboard.

  25. The Bucky back-ups play no small part in my decision to drop this. They are a mighty anchor weighing this book down. For whatever reason Cap is not a strong swimmer right now and the water is cold and deep.

  26. This issue was wonderful. I thought about dropping Cap, but no longer.

  27. ‘Twas good, but not great.

  28. Of all the crazy crap that’s happened in this book, Crazy 50’s Cap is what puts Bucky America on the edge?


    I’m pretty much with most everyone else. This book needs to impress me or I’m gonna start leaving it on the shelf. This issue was a step in the right direction, but it’s still not there yet.

  29. As someone new to this series, I really enjoyed this issue.  I thought it was a great spot for newcomers to jump on, and I am excited for the next issue.  Honestly, though, my favorite part of the whole issue was the Nomad comic in the back of the issue.  It was awesome, and is reason enough to buy this issue.  Nice work.  4 stars from me.

  30. 4 stars. The art was unclear in parts and I’m still kind of turned off to the story from last arc. To echo the sentiments of others, its a step in the right direction.

  31. I really dont see why so many people have been so down on the book as of late. I have still been digging it, but im glad to see people back on board with this issue. I think since issue 600 (and reborn) the tone has shifted away from the grittier espionage vibe to a more traditional superhero vibe. Maybe that didnt quite click as well at first. i think Guice’ more traditional pencilling may be helping too.

  32. You know, I usually like second features, but I hate that pages are being wasted on female Bucky.

  33. I guess I continue to be the only person in the world that likes Nomad. However, even I won’t mind if she gets dropped from Cap now that she’s in Young Allies.

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