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The dramatic conclusion of “Two Americas” by acclaimed Cap scribe Ed Brubaker and Luke Ross. The final battle between two Captain Americas will leave each changed…and a new secret enemy will be revealed.

WRITER: Ed Brubaker & Sean Mckeever
PENCILS: David Baldeon & Luke Ross
INKS: Sno-Cone Studios, Ltd. & Simone Peruzzi
COLORED BY: Joseph Clark & Simone Peruzzi
LETTERED BY: Keith Aiken & Jeromy Cox
COVER BY: Gerald Parel

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.0%
Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. For the first time, i’m tempted to drop cap…it burns me deep inside.

  2. im looking forward to the next arc it looks good

  3. So is this title going over to McKeever?  Bru off Cap?

  4. is the next arc ______’s return? don’t know if it would be considered a spoiler.

  5. McKeever is on the Nomad backup

  6. I really feel like the last few issues have been a return to form. The only black mark on this is the completely different in tone Nomad story.

  7. The Nomad back story almost ruins it for me, I try not to read it, but its there, after, to be read.  Its not that its bad, its you say mike, just completely different in tone.  I’m hoping with young allies, that the back-up will change, or be dropped.

  8. Yeah, this arc has been pretty lame. And the Nomade back up is not all that worth the extra buck.


    If the Next arc isn’t good, It hurts me a lot, but Cap is on the Chopping Block. 

  9. I thought the last issue was awesome… I don’t get the hate.

  10. really, how can you go wrong with a bomb-filled train heading for a dam?  with two Caps onboard!

  11. I don’t get the hate either; this title is as awesome as it ever was.

    I’d like Nomad to get folded into the book properly, though. I like the character and want to see her interact with Steve and/or Bucky.


  12. I TOTALLY don’t get the hate for this…?  I swear, I feel like it’s one of those things where everyone is seeing other people talk negative, so they join in.  I agree with anyone who wants to argue that Reborn was a bit of a drop off in the quality of the title proper….but this story arc has been at the least solid, and at best pretty damn good. The ONLY problem I’m having with the book is the Nomad backup, which I’m not really feeling…

     So I just don’t read it.  Problem solved….

    That has NOTHING to do with the story that Ed is telling in the title itself.  I wish I DID feel like this book was losing it’s way.  God knows I need to cut some titles from my monthly buying list…but this is NOWHERE CLOSE to one of the books that needs to go.  It’s ususally the top of the stack for me..



  13. High-fives @jefffromWV

  14. Think I may drop the title after this issue. I’ll wait and see after the status quo change.

  15. Most in need of a new creative team: this book.

  16. @KickAss, well you’re getting a new artist next issue

  17. So I reread the first 3 of this arc this morning and I retract all previous statements…this has been awesome. Apparently I don’t like this monthly anymore like I used to, but as whole stories (or almost whole stories) this is great. Maybe I’ll start trade-waiting this, ir just let the issues pile up.

  18. It’s kind of amusing to see people’s disinterest in this title described as "hate" by people who are still liking this.

    Hate is something way different. The way people gleefully pile on Jeph Loeb, scream that they don’t want him to write anything ever again, call him an idiot–that’s more like "hate". With Bru’s latest stuff it’s more a case of "Meh. We think this used to be a lot better."

  19. I enjoyed this arc, but I really don’t think this should have been 4 issues.

  20. I loved this issue. it seemed pretty retro to me. Campy in spots, lots of action and characters saying their thoughts out loud. I really dug this a lot. My POTW!

    I feel like cap is back on track!

  21. What i liked about this arc was it was a return to good old fashion super villany….no giant conspiracies just a crazy guy trying to blow crap up

  22. wow! the art in this just skyrockets from about the point where Falcon gets in the helicopter.  from then on, just awesome action scenes drawn beautifully.  Luke Ross got better with this one.

  23. This was a solid issue, not great, but solid.  Conductor Dave’s excitement at helping Falcon and Cap was really fun.All in all Im glad I stuck around for the entire arc.

    Im really glad the Nomad stuff is over.  No Young Allies for me. I probably would have tried it but this, I will say , unwelcomed backup sealed the deal.

  24. Didn’t love this arc, but will definately stick around for the Zemo storyline coming up. Zemo vs. Bucky-Cap, written by Brubaker? For the goddamn win!

  25. My Bru-mance is starting to wane at this point. If the next arc isn’t killer, I’m going to have to drop this title.

  26. I liked this arc. Thought it was a return to form after the horrible taste that Rebirth left in my mouth. I was close to dropping this, but this arc has renewed my confidence in Brubaker and Cap. I also liked the Nomad back-up. Nice interplay between Nomad, and Arana. Looking forward to pick up the Young Allies, which has three characters I’m interested in; Nomad, Arana, and Firestar

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