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The penultimate chapter of TWO AMERICAS! As two Captain Americas clash in the heartland, the Falcon fights to stop a terrorist attack on American soil by the new Watchdogs!

Plus, Nomad: Girl Without A World back-up by SEAN MCKEEVER and DAVID BALDEON.

WRITER: Ed Brubaker & Sean McKeever
PENCILS: Luke Ross & David Baldeon
INKS: Butch Guice
COLORED BY: Dean White
LETTERED BY: Joe Caramagna
COVER BY: Gerald Parel

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. When does the back up story end?  Will this ever go back to 2.99?

  2. @Grandturk

    You mean you don’t buy Captain America to read about Nomad?!

  3. @Grandturk – I believe that Nomad is moving over to Young Allies later this year, so that might end the back-ups. As far as lowering the price… well, if you raised the price on one of your most popular books and people kept buying it, would you ever lower it again?

  4. yeah price aint coming down. why? because they can.

  5. yeah, learn to vote with your dollar or stop whining

  6. Voting with my dollar. No thank you.

  7. wow, in other Cap-news, look in the June solicitations for Marvel’s answer to Wednesday Comics.  It’s not "Tuesday Comics" but Jimmy Palmiotti wasn’t too far off the mark.

  8. i vote namad sucks. The backups so far have gone nowhere.

  9. Should be Girl Without a Book. Unless sales plummet by more than 30% I doubt you will see Cap return to $2.99. Marvel has a plan to go all $3.99 and are trying to get there book by book. I suspect there will be a back-up feature of some kind for a while longer, but this one must go.

  10. This title is losing its way. It hasnt been solid since issue 55. But i keep buying it. so i guess i have no say. This nomad back up is dumb and they’ll never go back to 2.99. Welcome to the heroic age.

  11. Excuse me, i meant issue 49 was the last solid issue.

  12. I second the opinion that that hasn’t been running on all cylinders for a while.  The backup story would be perfect for Black Widow or the Falcon.

  13. Thinking about going to trades with this series.

  14. The back-up is terrible. 

  15. I’m very close to dropping this title. We’ll see…..

  16. I would still pay 3.99 for this without the lousy backup. I just want to see this book returned to its former glory and I feel that just being in the same book as Nomad doesn’t help.

  17. I wouldn’t mind if the back-up was old school cap/bucky stories in WWII or at least something similar in tone to the main story. Unfortunately Nomad’s tone is so completely different that it just doesn’t feel right being in the same book. A perfect example of a good fit is the back-up that was supposed to be in Flash (Wally West) but unfortunately the only back-up that I would want got cancelled before it began. 

  18. Jumped off. Just wanted everyone to know. I’ve jumped off this. 

    Thank you,


  19. @Denverdave: that is interesting. could you telling what you think you will be having for dinner next, please?

  20. well done, now this is progress.  now if I can just convince the Land haters to stop commenting on Uncanny…

  21. Pretty sure this will be my last issue.  It’s not bad, but it’s not good either, and that’s almost worse.

    And Greg Land sucks. 

  22. i just dont bother reading the nomad story and tell myself it’s just another $3.99 book

  23. @Edward — You’re right, substance. I’ve jumped off this because I feel like Brubaker is phoning in the plot for a pay check and has been for about 20 issues. I feel like he’s waiting to make it "big" in TV or something. Cap is a sap with a crew cut. The artists are a rotating band of no-name Epting disciples whose art is static and corny. If there’s anything worse than static, corny, patriotism, it’s gotta be the left over stew I had for dinner. 

    Thank you,


  24. Oooohhh a falcon back-up would be great. I haven’t been enjoying this as much as I used to, but I just can’t see dropping cap.

  25. Since 602 I feel this has been on the rise back to where it was before Reborn. And I wouldn’t mind if the back up was more in tone with the rest of the book
    or written by Brubaker. Sad to see Epting off for good but Butch Guice is pretty damn good

  26. Stew? who the hell eats stew? Did the great depression end 75 years ago

  27. The backup is NOT good.  I thought the main story was actually fine, however.  Much better then the horrible Reborn series that ‘preceded’ it. 

  28. I thought this was a great issue – it was the best use of Redwing ever!  Love the focus on the Falcon and I was smiling all the way through this comic.
    It reminded my of the Steranko issues where Cap made Rick Jones get on the Bucky outfit – which seemed odd as well.
  29. Really not feeling the art or story on this issue. I really wanted to like this going in, but the art is just too awkward, and the coloring has taken a nose dive since D’Armata left. I enjoyed the first two issues of this arc, maybe because I was holding out some hope that Brubaker could turn around this post-Reborn slump. For now, I’m gonna drop, keeping my ear to the ground to see if this title turns around going in to the heroic age.

  30. JaqueNargg stole the words right out of my mouth (fingertips?)

  31. Also, I think that this book is suffering from the fact that the whole Bucky-Cap vs. Steve-Cap thing hasn’t been settled yet.  We all know Steve’s going to be Cap, so let’s get Bucky out of that suit so we can get on with it.

  32. I really like this Nomad story in this. It really gets me hyped about the Young Allies. Wait Falcon was in this book? Weird didn’t see him.

  33. i always like Falcon action.

    How about Barnes calling the Cap "Fake Cap"…the other one should have stuck out his tongue and said "Takes one to know one, takes one to know one!"

  34. @Slockhart- well you’ve seemed to miss the fact that Bucky is Cap in both the Avengers and Captain America post-Siege, so the answer is clearly Bucky or, simply, both.

  35. I loved this. I think in these last three issues this book has gotten back to form after Reborn and it’s just as good as it was before.

  36. I love the Nomad story. I loved the mini-series too.

  37. Better issue than the previous ones in this arc. I wish Marvel didn’t cave to the tea-baggers and say, "Don’t worry, you’ll see the fucking point in issue 604!" (That being that Brubaker’s not lumping every tea-bagging protester in with the Watchdogs, as seen in the train engineer.)

  38. Where the heck did Fake Cap land his plane? On that ledge. There is nothing below the Hoover dam but canyons. Other than that this was my favorite issue of Cap in some time.

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