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  1. Hopefully we get us some Batroc here.

  2. I know that he penciled a couple of pages in the last issue but I am interested to see a full issue of Luke Ross art.

  3. Wow – I’m a bit scared for this issue. The plot is all new – will Bucky still be as exciting without the urgent need to avenge Steve’s death? Will Ross be as good as Epting (by the way, how did they get Epting to do the inking for this?)? Will Falcon continue as the #2 character in this series (I hope so, though I dig Bucky’s relationship wih Black Widow)?

  4. Yeah, I an hoping this is a stellar read.  It really is the first chance to see Bucky stand on his own for the first time with a story line that isn’t tied to Cap’s death

  5. I’m incredibly excited

  6. @coltrane68

    I don’t think you’ll have to worry about any of those things. In Brubaker we trust.

  7. People People People; there is only one thing to like about this new issue:




  8. should i jump up here?

  9. @edward-For the first time in 18 issues I can confidently say "Yes!!  It is safe to jump in with this issue!"

  10. @edward- I would say this issue is the best chance your going to get to jump onboard.  I’m jumping on with this issue as well.

  11. heh, I jumped in with 34, and have loved every second of it. As much as I love Steve Rogers, here’s to a long reign for Bucky

  12. 42 good issues in a row…I’m going to go out on a limb and say buying #43 might be a good idea.  This book rocks.

  13. It’s strange how fresh this feels, coming out of such a long story arc. Very good though. Bucky is more firmly set as the new Cap and as the Marvel universe has accepted it in this issue, so have I.

  14. Did anyone else just laugh at Batroc in this issue? I mean, he was taunting Bucky in French the entire issue…so funny…

  15. Actually thought Bru was done after last issue.  Is he ending soon? So I know when to cancel book from mail service.

  16. @UncleBob:

    He’s not quitting in the forseeable future.

  17. @Bob: In the San Deigo Comic Con, Ron asked how long he was staying on the issue….and I believe Brubaker answered at least staying til #55….but he never said he was offically off the book by then, he just has a story to tell by that time…So we got another full year with him on this.

  18. I hope he stays on this book through 100. I can’t think of anyone who could replace him.

  19. Pretty good stuff.  Leaper was weak and too fruity.  But it was a great read nonetheless.  Safe to say this takes place after Secret Invasion right? 

  20. I jumped on with this and I really enjoyed it. I’ve read some of the recent trades and I like that they’ve kept up with the WWII flashbacks with the Torch. I’ll definitely keep buying this book.

  21. I start my Cap Subscription with this issue. Woohoo.

  22. Nice issue.  The Invaders flashbacks were unexpected and made me happy.

  23. Batroc, folks — master of savate. Brubaker can turn water into wine as far as I’m concerned.

    I can’t wait until we get an appearance from the Resistants. 

  24. What a solid issue. I actually thought this was the best we’ve ever seen Batroc. And using actual french was a nice touch. I kind of like not actually knowing what he’s saying.

    And yeah, I really like Bucky as Cap. I liked Steve Rogers, don’t get me wrong. But man… this is Cap is so cool.

    I did miss the Falcon this issue, though. 

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