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  1. Well everything needs to end sometime. What a great epic this has been, let’s hope this ‘final’ battle is just as powerful as the rest of this series.

    I wonder what Brubaker has planned after this ‘Death of Cap’ arc?

  2. Penultimate chapter!?  I had no idea.  This story is so… seamless that it’s strange to think of it "ending".  It’s been a hell of a ride though, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  3. Captain America!  Whoo-hoo!  This is easily one of my favorite books right now.  It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

  4. I was so glad to here that burbaker has a plan for the next thirty plus issues. Good to see this run will continue.

  5. I foresee this being the pick of the week for a lot of us.  This book is consistently good and there is very little competition this week.

  6. I am shelling old extra bucks for the Monkey cover. On most days I would smugly quip that I hate limited edition variant covers, but monkeys are funny and they throw poo. I can’t think of a better waste of my money. 

  7. I can think of a BIGGER waste of money:

    The monkey cover for Cable no. 6.  It’s only a bigger waste because it’s Rob Liefeld "art".

  8. @BatStewie: And there you have the target audience for Marvel Apes. lol

  9. At this point I prefer Monkey covers to Skrull covers.  If I see one more "hero" depicted like a Jolly Green Spock I will vomit.

  10. I think…. but I will not promise….that this will be the only time I dip my toes in the Marvel Apes cesspool.
    I just can’t help myself. It all comes down to a simple equation my father once taught me:


  11. "Poo"?

  12. i love this Cap story arc. its awesome. sad its ending didnt expect it to ever end

  13. I’m still buying this in trade.  I made the decision long ago, and it has been incredibly difficult to keep up.  I just found out that the final trade isn’t out until december.  oh, the horror.  its just that those hardcovers look so damn pretty on my bookshelf…

  14. I can’t help but roll my eyes at the monkey covers.  Maybe its my distain for when people dress up animals in clothes, but mainly it just comes off as stupid.  Am I the only one who is turned off by these?

  15. I take back what I said about the monkey cover, I didn’t know it would be Frank Cho.

  16. This would have been a 5 if it wasn’t for the flying cars.

  17. This was a real treat — an expertly drawn, exquisitely told story. The disparate, weird threads are all coming together, and surely, the way the boys lauded Waid and Garney’s run as seminal, a decade from now new critics will have the same to say about this epic run.

    Big ups for Faustus shaving off the playoff beard. 

  18. Sweet monkey love!

    I think this issue was actually BETTER with the Cho monkey cover. It added a depth and subtlety that carefully accentuated the already Brubakeriffic story. 

    Damn this is a great title! PLEASE MARVEL… put all of these issues into another Cap omnibus!

  19. Forgot to mention this… but I also picked Super Friends #5. Guess what?…  MONKEY COVER!

    This issue takes simean storytelling to the next level. EVERY HUMAN ON EARTH is transformed into an ape, including the Super Friends! I won’t spoil the ending, but kudos to DC for making a non-variant monkey cover with not one, but SIX major characters as apes!

  20. I have absolutely no idea why I still buy this book.  I simply have no context for what is going on.  If I went back and read the first 25 issues, I might be okay, but I’m starting to get the Marvel Porn feel from this book.  Too many damn villians, a love interest I have no reason to care about…I think I may have just come too late to the game on this one.

  21. @BigE   This book is one continuous story since #1 of the current volume.  It’s not ‘continuity porn’ in the sense that you need to have read a lot of other things to appreciate it.  But a run this long and this good by one writer, with consistent art (not always the same guy, but a nice consistent look) is a rarity in these days.  I’m not generally a proponent of books where you have to start with the first issue, but this is one that deserves that kind of attention.

  22. @BigE – This book is definitely not Marvel Porn.  Take it from me.  But it is like Caroline said, it’s been one long continuous story since issue #1.

  23. OMG – did this actually say "to be concluded.."?!  can he really sum this up in one more issue? callin it right here and now: Captain America #42 POTW guaranteed!!

    don’t let me down..   

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