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  1. every month this comes out… and every month i regret my decision to pick this up only in trade.  oh, the agony.

  2. I love the epic feel of this story with NO crossovers, just great storytelling.

  3. I hear it will crossover with Invasion.  *sigh* o well.

  4. Well I caught up in trades and can’t wait to start in issues

  5. It’s not like it didn’t crossover with CIVIL WAR.  It came away pretty unscathed form that.  Um, well, I mean, Steve was killed, but otherwise it was unscathed…

    And the infamous CAPTAIN AMERICA #10 which was a HOUSE OF M crossover! 

  6. Jeez another early review!

    It’s true this book has been in crossovers before.  It won’t be bad the other ones weren’t at all.

  7. Hmm…every month this comes out, a special excitement grips me.  I can’t wait.

  8. Didnt Barton looka a bit… retarded, and Bucky a bit bulky?

    Other than that, great as usual. 

  9. Oh lord, no spoilers here but, WOW, they are toying with us in this issue!

  10. So here’s my question — what does the cover have to do with this issue?  Who’s the guy reflecting in Cap’s shield shooting at Cap?  

  11. What a consistently great comic. It goes and goes and goes at the hightest level.

  12. Best issue ever.  For realz, yo.

    Will right a real review at some point, maybe, but it would possibly just be me typing AWESOME a lot.

  13. @cable77

    Way too many covers these days have nothing to do with the interior of the book.  Daredevil’s the same wayfor instance. More than once I’ve picked up the same book twice because of this "iconic" image bullshit.

  14. I’ve been on board since issue one and love this title (even if I still find the art wonky at times) but I feel like they could’ve essentially taken the last page of this issue and slapped it on the end of last issue and been just fine. A good issue, as always, but not a great one.

  15. ^Yeah, you’re right about the last two endings. I would have liked it if we heard some more of Skull & Faustus’s plans before Sharon found the clone. I thought showing the clone in the tank at the end of last issue was a bit pointless.

    Still a great issue. Before issue 25 last year I was never really a Cap fan, now this is basically my favorite Marvel series by a mile. Each issue really does read like the next chapter in a huge novel. I don’t know how long this team is going to be on the book, but this has turned into one of the best runs in the last few decades.

  16. It can be tough havin Cap comin thru the subscription service. Hard not to read the posts and reviews on it while I’m waiting for it to arrive. So much praise’d like to make me sick. Must admit that atleast it earned it, aside from the art, which isn’t bad, just not my thing.

  17. It’s not a clone… I think I figured it out.

    In this issue, Sharon goes to get "Cap" to escape. She says "You’re not Steve Rogers"… he says something like "No… yes… I’m Steve Rogers".
    Look at the very last panel closely, he’s got scarring on his left shoulder. I think he’s the Captain America from the 50’s, who eventually became the Grand Director. He committed "suicide" by setting himself on fire in issue 236. Dr. Faustus had been messing with his mind a few issues before, so he was totally screwed up when he killed himself.

    So Faustus’ line where he tells Zola "You wouldn’t have him if it wasn’t for me" makes total sense. Somehow, Faustus kept him alive and on ice all this time. 

  18. Yeah, that’s what I think, too.

  19. I loved the scene with Hawkeye. He comes in, hot tempered and full of righteous indignation just like he realistically would and then Bucky just sort of says "Look, I’m Captain America now, deal with it!" and just makes Hawkeye seem like a real prick for even coming in there. Then Hawkeye leaves. Which was just perfect. Most writers would try and decompress the scene and make it big and mopey, but really. That soesn’t happen in real life. When guys make fools out of themselves they don’t want to talk about it, they want to save face and get the hell out of dodge. Add in the fact that Clint wore the stars and stripes for one night before joining the New Avengers and you have an incredibly tense scene with e "He who without sin let him cast the first stone" dynamic that Brubaker had the restraint to portray as it actually would happen. This may have been my favorite scene of this title since the Bucky/Stark fight.

  20. Hmmm…maybe I need to reread this again.  I thought it was a tad lackluster for a Captain America book.  Don’t get me wrong, any other title would kill to get an issue this good…but it felt a little off for Cap.

  21. Ok my username says enough of what I think about this charecter. I have every issue of this book.Cap is the reason I collect comics since the beginning [ many more years than I care to admit ]. Epting is one of my favorite Avengers artists, so when he took on this title I was psyced. It is unfortunate that the colors are more realistic than comic,but I know most like it that way nowadays. I don’t like the dragging of the storyline [ obviously written for trade ] but the style this is written and drawn in has Cap my favorite title every month again and has been for some time. I have almost even come to terms and forgiven Ed, Steve, and Joe for killing Steve. Almost

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