Bestselling Cap writer Ed Brubaker and superstar artist Steve McNiven bring you the next huge chapter in Steve Rogers life, and it’s a perfect jumping-on point for fans of the Cap movie.

A funeral for a fallen friend turns into a race against time as the original Captain America makes his explosive return!

Story by Ed Brubaker
Art by Steve McNiven & Mark Morales
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Steve McNiven, Mark Morales, Justin Ponsor, John Romita Sr., Joe Sinnott, Val Staples, Neal Adams & Olivier Coipel

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I wish Marvel would just go to Dark Horse style numbering, already.

  2. @NawidA  – haha true!

  3. So does cap hold the record for the highest number of series renumbering in the modern era?  What has it been…five since Heroe’s Reborn?  

  4. I’m excited to see the new direction. I really wish that Bucky’s tale was able to end in his own series, but that’s business I guess.

  5. Note a lot of Marvel has me excited at the moment, but I’ll give this a try.

  6. I can totally see this being the ONLY issue to come out with McNiven on board. But hey, if I got some extra dough I might give it a shot.

  7. Not typically a fan of Cap, so excited to read a story from this team.  

  8. Yes. For the love of Uncle Sam, yes.

  9. More excited about the Samnee-drawn Bucky and Cap series. Will give this first issue a shot for McNiven and because this is Steve Freaking-Rogers.

  10. @JimBilly4 – My thoughts EXACTLY.

  11. How long will this last before they go back to the 600+ numbering?

  12. @IroncladMerc  when it gets close to an anniversary issue

  13. I’m excited about this, but why did they kill Bucky in a non-cap book?

  14. McNiven? I’m in.

  15. So Bucky’s really gone..

  16. @AmirCat  Big deaths happen in event books all the time. Actually, that’s where they usually happen.

  17. @AmirCat… Because Fraction needed something to spice up his unbelievably boring event. What a waste.

  18. Captain America and Bucky #620 continues on from Captain America Volume 5 #619. I would assume that after this arc ends, that book will be re-retitled.

    Looking forward to this, and to having two Cap books per month for a while. 

  19. I’m pumped I got 2 copies signed.  The regular,  and the white variant………..a place of honor in the collection

  20. @ResurrectionFlan – Is he? I thought that book was a WWII, Cap and Bucky vs. The Nazis kinda thing. If it’s not, it’s a horrible mistake. Even moreso than this, folks coming from the theater are gonna be looking for simple, awesome adventures with Steve punching Hitler in the face.

  21. So Bucky is gone with the snap of a finger. I thought at least the funeral would be for him. I know it’s standard form for comics to kill characters off this way, but that doesn’t make this any less hard to swallow. This is a good start, but I’m pretty upset that Bucky has just been swept under a rug.

  22. @conor  That’s true. I didn’t realize that. I dropped Fear Itsself after 1st issue.

    @ButchCassidy  – Honestly I didn’t like fearitsself #1, so I stopped buying the rest. But from what I heard the execution was bad.

  23. If you want a loud, dumb action comic then this is your book. I’m surprised how simple the book is considering Brubaker wrote a deep story for 40+ issues of the last Cap series. But the art sure is pretty by McNiven.


  24. I’ll bet there were better books out there, but seeing Cap back in action may have clouded my judgement a bit. This was a ton of fun, expertly crafted to excite and leave me wanting more. Maybe there were better books out there, but not for me. POW.

  25. @TheNextChampion – I might make a distinction between simple and dumb. This book is straightforward, made to appeal to the incoming movie-goer, but dumb it certainly ain’t.

  26. I guess we may see Bucky again, alive and well in modern continuity post Fear Itself despite his current status in that story. I do find it odd that Marvel would bring the character back after so many years just to make him Captain America briefly just to kill him again for many more years. It would seem like a waste of a perfectly interesting character…

  27. @WookieLoveMachine  nice, he certainly returns in style.

    This wasn’t dumb, felt like good ‘ole cloak and dagger sorta stuff to me.

  28. So is this going to be like “The Mighty Thor” and be taking place outside of current continuity? That’s what it seems like.  But then when Fear Itself concludes, will it be reflected in this new series?

  29. Wow Captain America Vol. 6. Oh well. The art was great and Brubaker is doing what he does best setting you up for something great or a big let down.

  30. i only have bout 2 handfuls of captain america books in my collection, never been a big fan, that being said, this new series has managed to arouse my curiosity.  i loved brubaker’s DD run and mcnivens art has yet to be less than impressive.  i wonder how long mcniven will stay on board b4 jumping ship.  

  31. I enjoyed this issue, but I think it may be time for someone else to take over writing duties. This issue, even with its excellent art, felt like more of the same from Brubaker.

    I’m glad Steve is back in the suit. I just feel as though it doesn’t actually feel as fresh as it should because Brubaker is still writing.

  32. was disappointed at the last page.

    also definietly agree this feels like more of the same which it is weird to complain about because it was a good book, but i am ready for a change of writer.

  33. Ok I know i’m going to be hated for saying this but after reading this I’ve come to the conclusion that I much prefer the Utlimate universe cap. I’ve read alot of both inlcuding the entire winter soldier run. I think it stems from where you start with comics and my first experience with comics was the ultimate universe, and even though now I read everything I still prefer the ultimate cap. The 616 steve seems like a wholesome church boy 90% of time with the occasional momemt of bad-assery. Where as the ultimate cap seems much more grity and kick-ass, I find it more believable that a man that battled nazi and has seen the horific things he’s seen would act more like ultimate cap than this sweet church boy. Anyway just my two cents.

  34. @kitsunedreams  I think this is supposed to be after Fear Itself whereas Mighty Thor is set before it. But thats just what I’ve garnered from interviews with Brubaker

  35. @thompsonlive  Do you know any WWII vets? All the ones I’ve met act like the Cap in this book. It’s one of the reasons why I found Millar’s Ultimate Cap so offensive. (They’ve since toned him way down.)

  36. @conor  Exactly! 

    @thompsonlive  My high school’s latin teacher earned a bronze star doing recon missions in the Rhine valley and was friends with T.S. Elliot, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Frank Capra. Here’s a take out bag for the rest of your blown minddddddd.

  37. (He was also a priest / sweet church boy.)

  38. I’ll be waiting for the collected edition of the first arc.  Looks prettty goof, but I want to get it all in one shot.

  39. @conor @resurrectionflan I dont know any WWII vets but the buddies I have that went to afghanistan all came back quite scarred and aggresive after seeing some of the shit that went down there. I could be totally wrong but it just seems from my limited experience that war for the most part doesnt pump out men that are sweet and wholesome but more callus and hardened emotionally. Also for those that are Vets I apologize for comparing real war to comic book war, I’m not trying to trivialize anyones real life I was just making a n00b’s observation.

  40. @thompsonlive  I think you need to meet some WWII vets. The generations are vastly different.

  41. @conor  Yes.

  42. @conor quite possible. I will concede my arguement only on account of my ignorance on the issue 😉

  43. rats! now I need to spend my weekend re-reading the whole brubaker run on Cap! Great kick-off issue! Just wish it had been a giant-size collector’s item first issue.

  44. To do it fairly, you’d have to meet a WWII vet in 1946.  I’m sure the Afghanistan vets will be church boys in 2070.  I like both Caps, but I lean towards thompsonlive’s opinion…unfortunately, some of the other kruft that built up with the whole Ultimate Universe keeps me away.

  45. Dick Winters weeps.

  46. @josh  No shit.

  47. @conor If you read Ult. Cap then him being toned down is sooo not true.

  48. @TheNextChampion  I have and he is toned down from The Ultimates.

  49. @conor Rogers still seemed like an over the top American loving, French hating, politically incorrect character in that mini series to me.

  50. Good start… wish a little more happened in the first issue but it was a decent story plus McNiven art always helps.

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