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  1. since when did bishop have a robot arm?

  2. Since his arm got blown off at the end of Messiah Complex.

  3. His arm was eaten by some mutant hunting beast thingie.

  4. Does anyone really like Olivetti’s art? I’m not judging if you do but I never hear anyone really say good things about his art style. I mean it’s different, which is a plus, but it just looks too ugly for my tastes. It’s just something about the skin tones or muscles he puts on the characters that upset me…But I cant put my finger on why I hate it.

  5. @NextChampion – I totally dig Olivetti’s art. I see your points and understand them, but I generally have no problems with his art until he has to include a vehicle. When a car comes into play, it’s an ugly computer-generated oddity that stands out like a giant mole. Also, he does indeed tend to add a few too many muscles, though I thought it worked for his War Journal run. I find that his art is at its best when he’s not a rush.

  6. I don’t really dig his art much.  And I also stopped following this series after the frist arc.  Has it gotten any better?

  7. Well I’m really just basing his art from War Journal since that’s the only thing I’ve seen of his work. I dont know it just seems a little off to me. Sometimes it looks nicely detailed, but then other times it isnt and the backgrounds look like watercolor to me. Speaking of background: Does he use a computer to copy and paste things on this is art? I swear it looks like he uses photoshop and if he isnt, then he must be a person with OCD cause the attention to detail is staggering.

  8. I got a bit of deja vu for the 90’s seeing that Cable was the top pulled Marvel book this week.

  9. every comic book out today uses Photoshop in some way or another.  I thought the art in this issue was pretty cool. Very ‘Lolita’ ending.  

  10. dude hardcore

  11. im not a big fan of the art.  i don’t hate it but it doen’t do anything for me either.  the story is getting a little better though.  felt like it was moving


  12. It’s kinda wierd that the top pulled Marvel book isn’t even in the top ten pulled books.

  13. I really liked this issue.  It was really cool seeing Cable dressed up in overhauls.  I like Olivetti’s art, but it does seem a bit "distant" if you kind of get what I am saying.  It isn’t as defined as other art, but it works really well with expansive areas and seems to work well in fight scenes.  

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