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PRELUDE TO “X-MEN: SECOND COMING” EVENT! “HOMECOMING, PART THREE” The penultimate chapter in the X-Men saga that began with “Messiah CompleX” continues here! As Cable and Hope fight their way back to the present, Bishop closes in on their trail, determined to stop them using the deadliest weapons at hand, be it a Prohibition-style tommy gun or heat-seeking brain needles of the near future. Meanwhile, a few decades from now, Cable and Hope meet an old ally who could either save them – or jeopardize everything. This is it…the penultimate issue of the time-hopping action thriller born in the pages of “Messiah CompleX.”

WRITER: Duane Swierczynski
PENCILS: Gabriel Guzman
COVER BY: Marko Djurdjevic

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. So for everyone saying this is dragging on, it’s apparently ending at #25.

    The downside?  For it’s final issue it’s being retitled Deadpool & Cable… 

  2. This book has been so boring recently I think I have lost interest in second coming.

  3. Even Djurdjevic did a piss poor job on the cover.

  4. Hopefully this issue ends with Bishop being 20 feet away from Hope with gun in hand, that’s been awesome.

    I will say that this series has been somewhat worth is just because Hope is entering the X-Men universe as a fairly well developed character.

  5. I do like Hope. Wish Swierczynski had come up with another story to tell for 25 issues than "Run! Bishop is coming!" Now he is padding it out to time the return with the Event. Oh Marvel editorial, thy hand is heavy.

  6. I’m excited for the Deadpool & Cable reunion for the finale. Yes it’s more Deadpool but them teaming up is important. Their title together was one of the best Marvel books to come out at the time (for a while at least) So yes it’s more whoring of Deadpool but for fans of that series it should be great nostalgia.

  7. Honestly I don’t know why I keep buying this. The writing is good but it’s the same every month.

  8. Yeeeaahh …..It is always the same, but I always enjoy it.  As for it ending at #25, it makes sense cuz the whole point of the series was Hope running. So if she comes back…no more series.

  9. I’m interested to see what Cable ends up doing after issue 25. Assuming he’s still alive of course.

  10. I still say that whoever colors the interiors and whoever colors the cover need to sit down and have a chat to decide what color Hope’s costume is going to be.

  11. I’m only buying this for Hope.

  12. I sit down and look at my collection of Cable and think to myself "I must be a Sadist", because nothing of value aside from Hope’s character developement is occurring. I’m really interested to know who’ll be crazy enough to buy the hardcover (assuming there’ll be one). Because I read this once a month and experience deja vu I feel sorry for those who’ll read this shit in a few sit downs.

  13. Decent issue.  I absolutely love Hope, and her relationship with Cable.  I can’t wait to see what the other writers do with them.

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