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  1. Man, that cover just screams 90s. X-Men. But this book is surprisingly good. Better than it has a right to be.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed this title and I don’t even like Cable.  That said, Bishop is starting to drag this book down and something needs to change.

  3. I have really enjoyed this series.  But it does seem like there has been too much of Bishop for my taste.  How many more times can he get really close to killing Hope without doing it?  I’m getting tired of it at this point.  I am excited about the Brood Queen getting involved, though, at the very least for the awesome title of the comic.

  4. Bishop never pushing that nuke button always makes me think of that Ren & Stimpy episode where Stimpy wants to push the button but shouldn’t but <spoiler> he fucking pushes it.

  5. For some reason, I always roll my eyes when the Brood show up. I dont know why, but I just cant stand them as villains. And just my luck, I get them in TWO books this week! However, this has been my favorite Cable arc since the second one, so here’s to hoping I wont mind the Brood too much in this issue

  6. Apparently Bishop has to see Hope with his own eyes before he can press the trigger… 🙂

    This is a good comic but something drastic really needs to happen soon. The only storyline for 19 issues has been Bishop trying to kill Hope. I know that’s the whole point of this comic but give us something new, Swierczynski.

  7. I’m waiting for when Hope and Cable come Back From The Future.

  8. Seriously. If every comic is about trying to escape from Bishop this series is going to go nowhere. Does Swierczynski really have no other ideas? Let’s see… Bishop chased them in a city, in a village, in a Stryfe-empire city, in a post apocalyptic hellscape… where else… where else. Ah, I know! In space. Sweet. He will really almost almost get them this time. How about we tell a different story for an arc and let Bishop take a breather? It would be a hell of alot more ominous when Bishop showed up if he wasn’t in every issue.

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