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  1. I was flipping threw this at the store and…

    *sniff* Oh my god…..Why? Why did Swiercynski do it!? Why did he kill him!?


  2. Well, at least we know how he dies?

  3. That aside, I love the tension throughout this story. Once again, all the best x-stores are nowhere near the main books.

  4. story was only so-so for me, but I love the art in this book.  Olivetti’s colors are his strongpoint.

  5. deadpool isnt dead hes had his head chopped off before and lived. that was probably a way to write him out of the story without creating a continuity mess.

  6. *sniff* Swierczynski is so mean…:(

  7. relax it’s future deadpool. at least he played a good part in this story and not just a cameo

  8. bah stupid deadpool. did no one think it was a bit odd that he just decided to not be under Stryfe’s control? Also, if stryfe were in his head surely he would have known his intentions before he got shot. Also, deadpool shot him with a huge laser type gun and stryfes seemed to be completly unhurt despite being blown away. Despite all this, this is a good book but throwing Deadpool at everthing is not making me want to buy books more, its actually having the oposite effect. I like DP but not this much.

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