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  1. I like the story so far, but Olivetti’s artwork is killing me

  2. those are some big-arse claws. big and stupid that is

  3. Loving this story. Loving Olivetti’s art.

  4. I like how the X-Force team in particular have been able to make "big and stupid" carryover ideas from the ’90s seem fun and almost interesting. From what I hear, the Cable team hasn’t been quite as successful at that, though. I’m sitting this crossover out, but I might pick it up later if I hear that it ends well.

  5. They’re even making Stryfe cool

  6. I haven’t read much X-men stuff lately.  However, after I picked up the Messiah Complex HC.  I’ve been reading Cable and X-Force ever since.  I’m not a big fan of Olivetti’s art but if you’ve been reading the Bishop mini then this isn’t that bad.

  7. After the last issue of X-Farce, I mean X-Force, I was close to dropping this whole Messiah War thing.  But this brought it all back and made me invested again.  And yes Wolverines claws are too big on the cover.

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