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God I hate the art in this. Some times it’s okay, but other times, like
when we first saw Hope, who looked like the poster child for progeria, 
it just so awful. It’s just a good thing the story is so great. I think
all the time travel is going to end up coming to bite them in the ass
though. Bishop had an off hand comment ab out spending 12 years with
Stryfe. 12 years. So that a lone would put him in his 40s, not counting
the time travel in his own cancelled series, and don’t get me started
on Cable who has to be about 70 now. While I liked the over all issue,
it did annoy me that we had the exact same scene between Archangel and
Apocalypse in the last mega crossover involving Stryfe, X-Cutioner’s
song. The rest of this is pretty solid story, though I would have liked
a comment from Stryfe or James about the time Stryfe tried to take over
his mind and body when Proudstar was close to death.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. heh, I think your rating are reversed perhaps?

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