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In one world Steve Neumann cleans up a gruesome murder scene, while as Coffin Fly he finally gets to kiss the girl of his dreams. But which is the dream? WARNING! Do not read this issue’s title aloud! “Red Wraith, Red Wraith, Red Wraith.”

art & cover SHAKY KANE

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.9%


  1. It’s shame this series hasn’t received more buzz.

    It has a lot of cool ideas, and the presentation is perfect. The "torn" pages in the last issue where very convincing.

    I think the comic within the comic will lose something in translation to the trade.

  2. I wanted to read this, but really didn’t want to expand my budget. Really want the trade

  3. This is a comic that celebrates the magic of collecting and reading comics!  (I know that might sound cheesy, but I really think it’s true.)

    Reading this series reminds me of crazy dreams I have, where I’m browsing some comic shop somewher that doesn’t really exist, and I stumble across awesome comicbooks that only exist in my dreaming mind.  (Is that weird, or does that sort of thing happen to anyone else?)  if anyone can relate, you need to try this series!

      This is one of those books that is pushing what can be done within the medium and at the same time embracing everything that is good and has worked for comics in the past.

    Although this series should have more buzz now, hopefully this will be a sort of ‘sleeper’ book where it will get much more attention after its done.

  4. It bugs me to no end that more people aren’t buying/loving this series.  it has been one of my true joys of the year in comics…



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