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  1. Goddamn thats a beautiful cover. I always liked the tales of the slayers and tales of the vampires trades from a few years back. hope this recaptures the magic


  2. I’ve pulled it but will I actually buy it…I guess we’ll see once I’m in the store.

  3. I want the Ba and Moon cover! I can’t say I’ve heard of either 5 or Pixu, so that little tidbit does nothing for me. But this should be a good time.

  4. Sounds fun.

  5. I didn’t realize Becky wasn’t drawing this. Very exciting.

  6. I could nitpick that this isn’t really a ‘Buffyverse’ story — it feels more like an issue of DEMO.  But, well, DEMO is awesome and this was awesome as well.  It’s really cool to see Joss and Dark Horse reach out for a more ‘indie book’ feel on this title.

  7. I thought this issue was really good up until the half way point and then fell apart before briefly coming together on the last page or two. All the stuff in between? Useless and seemingly at odds to the rest of the story. We’re never sure *when* this is set so the idea that it was in "modern" Buffytimes came as a surprise to me. The look and feel of the "universe" of the loan arcade screamed 90s to me. The same with some dated dialogue.

    Still it was decently written and the art was nice. 3/5. A shame Moon or Ba couldn’t do the interiors as I loved their cover. As well… their cover  made me long for a Sandman story written by Gaiman and peciled by either one (or both!0
  8. I like the idea of occassionally having stories that don’t have the Scooby gang involved. It gives the Buffyverse a chance to expand and get a bit of new life into it.

  9. I’m fine with expanding the universe, but the art missed the "vampire" thing 90% of the time, and the story was just very flat.

    Easily the worst comic I have bought in a very long time…if this were anything more than a one-shot, I would have dropped "Buffy" right there.

  10. Yeesh, art really rubbed me the wrong way. Story was decent, but man oh man that art made it tough for me at times.

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