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  1. This book is finally catching up to itself. I feel better about it, etc. etc. Bring on more Oz!

  2. I’m hoping with only 12 issues left the series will start delivery on some of it’s mysterious over the next few issues. Mainly who is Twlight and who is the traitor in Buffy’s team.

  3. @Zeppo It’s coming. It has to. Season’s a season…

  4. I would love for Chen to the interiors.

  5. To do the interiors. Oops.

  6. ^^^ have you checked out the 3 page Whedon/Chen online comic "Always Darkest"?


  7. I think I’m dropping this and I’ll get back on with the trade.  This book seems to read better in chunks.

  8. @ohcaroline-as long as that chunk isn’t a bunch of one-shots.  Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  9. I actually applied this to the one-shots as well.  I had dropped the book for a while and picked up a bunch of the one-shots at once, and they were lots of fun.  I think it depends on what you’re interested in the series for.  I don’t really *need* a big mytharc out of a Buffy comic; I had 7 years of that.  Dropping in to visit familiar characters is just fine with me. 

  10. I see what you are saying, and in general I have no problem with one-shots.  Dini’s run on Detective during the OYL after Infinite Crisis was very entertaining to me.  I was referring more to how jarring these were here on Buffy.  Out of the six, or however many it was, I just found almost no redemptive value in two of them (the spider-demon one and the one based off of the ‘never made it’ Buffy cartoon).  The others I had much less of a problem with.  Even though they were one-shots, they were still tangentally connected to what was going on.  (both the plushie and the Harmony one were fun for me). 

    Maybe it is because, as you said, the general ‘Whedon way’ is to have a big arc and this was an escape from it, or maybe those two issues just killed the entire feeling for me.

  11. Love it. Andrew documenting again and Xander hooking up with Dawn!!! :3

  12. I have to say, I like the way this reads, but i’m purposely trying to look at it like a TV season….

     Anyone else think Twilight is Buffy’s dad?  This implied it was Giles, but that can’t be right?

  13. @Magnum   Oooh, I like that idea a lot. 

  14. Hank Summers has been my main guess since the beginning.  I’ve heard Future Xander or Giles, but I can’t really buy that happening.

  15. @whoisfriend Ugh.  Future anyone would suck. 

  16. Yeah Buffy’s dad is my guess now that we know it isn’t riley

  17. Well since we’ve already had a future scooby gang member be the bad in this series I doubt they would go that route again.  And I really can’t think of a decent reason why Twilight would be Hank Summers. I mean the character was essentially non-existent in the series and when he was talked about he was always played up as indifferent where his daughter was concerned.  Hence Buffy and Giles growing closer in a Father/Daughter dynamic.   I just feel itHank would be a poor choice.  But then again overall this book has lost a lot of it’s steam for me that it had in the first dozen issues or so.  So it wouldn’t shock me if it was Hank.  No, my loss of enjoyment had nothing to do with one shots. 

  18. Can we get a new artist on this book? God I can’t tell between Buffy and Willow or Oz and Andrew half the time!! Georges Jeanty needs to vary the way he draws his faces.

  19. @john72tex i completely agree.

  20. It’s hard to tell who is how. I didn’t even know Riley was in the last issue until I read the recap.

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