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  1. I knew that eventually my least favorite character from the show would get serious camera time.  Oh well, maybe he will get stomped.

  2. You don’t like Andrew?

  3. @GungaDin

    No, but that might be because of his appearance on Angel, where he was all posture and demanding.  I really wanted Spike to toss him off of that pier.  I think it was a pier, at least

  4. Andrew owns, this issue should be hillarious and awesome!

  5. I loved Andrew in the show, the ‘Storyteller’ episode of Buffy was inspired

  6. Count me in the camp of not liking Andrew…=P  I hope this is better than the last, oh, three issues have been…

  7. @MisterJ That was badass. Andrew is a great character from his time on Buffy, going from a one note joke ("I’m Tucker’s brother! He attacked the Prom with demon dogs!") into a fully fledged character with a great arc. Watching him go from his first appearance to that shot of him in tuxedo at the end of Angel is fantastic.

  8. @GungaDin

    I can see where you are coming from with the evolution of the character thing.  I just watched Angel before I watched Buffy, so all that I got was this simpering little fellow telling Angel and Spike what was up not because he was right, but because he had an army behind him.  It is entirely possible that this affected how I looked at him from that point forward

  9. The last two issues have been crap. Not enough Buffy.

  10. @MisterJ Did you see him when he was in the trio? Fantastic fantastic! He’s such my favorite of all of them…

  11. @Gungadin  I love the Trio. I wan an untold tales of the trio mini

  12. Anrew and his love for Xander always made me laugh… I remember a person at work getting mad at me because they thought I was wrong about Andrew being gay.  Uh.. OKAY yeah sure him and Jonathon weren’t lovers… nahhh and he doesn’t lust after Xander of course, how could I have been so misled!!

    Having said all that everytime I’ve seen Andrew in the comic it takes a while to know who the freak he is ’cause he always seems to be drawn so poorly (By anyone who touches him).

  13. @GungaDin

    I’ll certainly give you that he was entertaining, when he was bad.  But when he went good and became, in my view, comic relief, I went right back to the impression that I got from his appearances in Angel.

  14. @RoiVampire – second that! 

    And Andrew is by far my favorite of the three, and I was so waiting for a spotlight in Season 8, so I’m happy now… 

  15. @MisterJ It’s true that’s he comic relief, but he also had a very tragic and serious edge to him. He murdered Jonathan in cold blood. He watched Anya get killed. He had to tell Xander that she died saving his life, even though that wasn’t necessarily true and it was what Xander needed to hear. He was jokey when he was on Angel, but he always had this very interesting twist to him that made us know that there’s more to him than just guy who paints Death Star on the side of Nerd Van.

  16. @GungaDin

    He was added to the greater mythology over time.  But I was just too colored by his actions on Angel, you know how first impressions work.  Because of this I probably did not give him a truly open and fair shake.  Just didn’t like how he appeared in Angel, and the manner in which he accomplished his actions.  That goes to either episode; the rogue slayer ep and the immortal ep.  My dislike for him just never got out of my head.  Because of this I only really saw him as incidental and comic folly.

  17. Good issue. Despite general dislike of the last few issues, I’ve been enjoying them. This issue was fun with a good story at its heart. Best issue of the series yet? No. But enjoyable. I thought Andrew’s comments about Spike and Buffy’s hairstyles were nice brushes with the metatextual nature Buffy has always had. The little travel bits made me chuckle once or twice. And it highlighted why the boat scene was so quiet.


  18. As a guy who hasn’t liked the last several issues, that was the best issue since that resoundingly mediocre Fray storyline began.  Much more like it.  Good show.  Hope next issue keeps it up.

  19. That was everything I wanted out of that story. The Spike bit made laugh out loud, as did the BSG thing. Next up: Faith and Giles! Yay…

  20. I loved the Hellen Killer reference as I’m sure Ron did

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