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  1. @gineration:

    Sometimes I hate the internet so much. I tried to stay away from spoilers on that book and BOOM, through one click on whedonesque.com I get to see the image on the nytimes page. Damn.

    Well, it wasn’t that much of a spoiler, I saw it coming (and was hoping for it) miles away. Anyway, love the book and it’s incredible that it’s been a year since the first issue.

  2. I have not read this issue yet but I saw what happened.  Now for my quote on it,


    That is all 

  3. I really wish they would report news on comic books on thursday and not wednesday morning…before they even come out.


    Easily the best comic of the week, the bedroom scene is worth double the price by itself. 

  5. @nroa:

    I really wished I wouldn’t live in germany, where I get my comics on friday. It’s pretty hard not to see a spoiler that way. 😀 

    But you’re right, it’s kinda stupid to report the comic book news before they come out. 

  6. I read this book last for some reason.  Before reading it, I had no idea what my POW would be– my stack of some 13 books wasn’t exactly blowing me away.  But then I read this book— and it was AWESOME– as Firest stated, "Easily the best comic of the week."

  7.   why did people think this was the best comic of the week? Just becuase Buffy was in bed with another female? If so, there is this thing called "Porn" on the internet. 

     I loved the Buffy TV show, and this development does not ring true to me in the least. I don’t think Joss realizes it, but characters can actually be staight-up hetreosexuals.

  8. I think people like this comic because it was a well-crafted story, because iDrew Goddard knows these characters as well as anybody who isn’t Joss, and, yes, because the issue deals deftly with a potentially hot-button issue deftly (the comic is a lot more sensible and intelligent than any media coverage I’ve seen, which is so often the case).  Whether or not you ‘agree with’ the development is sort of a moot point.  It’s a characterization choice that flowed naturally out of the story, and I’m interested to see what direction it goes. 

    I feel like we wouldn’t even be talking about this if it were an indie comic.  I don’t think characters have to be wired differently because they’re in a ‘mainstream’ hero story instead of ‘Strangers in Paradise.’

  9. I love this issue a lot. Mostly because Drew Goddard is able to keep the fantastic pace of all the other previous issues. This series hasn’t skipped a bit, and I can’t imagine it could. For some reason this issue felt the most like an actual episode of Buffy (or a part of an episode), probably because Goddard usually writes for TV anyway.

    Beautiful issue, loved it.

  10. Hated the Buffy development.  I don’t buy it, and I don’t think it lines up with the character at ALL.  I think it was done for shock value, since other things like killing her have already been done. 

    That all said, this issue more than ANY I’ve read so far felt more like an episode of the TV show than any have yet.  Even more so than the Joss issue’s.  While I didn’t like the turn for Buffy, the following bedroom scene was comedy gold.  I really liked Xander in this issue.  He hasn’t been this good since the early seasons.  Of course again, with that Buffy moment is one more kick in the n^ts to good ol’ Xander Harris. 

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