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  1. I’m tempted to write off Buffy’s actions in this issue as gimmicky and slightly out of character but Mr Goddard handles the scene brilliantly and it actually doesn’t come so far out of left field when you consider how often the theme of Buffy’s loneliness has come up over the last eleven issues.

    Exactly.  If you strip away the hype and just look at the story Goddard is telling, it works really well.  I can understand the ambivalence, but it’s not a cheap gimmick.  It works with the character.  One thing I liked about the scene is that I don’t think it would have been written much differently if Buffy had hooked up with a guy in similar circumstances.  I feel like the story is really getting at the issue of how Buffy deals with someone she knows is in love with her (in this case, I’d say, badly); and there really aren’t any male characters in this book, aside from Xander, and messing up their long standing friendly dynamic would, I think, be much more of a departure than what Buffy does in this issue.

    Also, I thought I was the only one who liked that ‘Buffy v. Dracula’ episode!  Poor Xander, though.  

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