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  1. Oh baby………

  2. I don’t know anything about Buck Rogers, but I’ve loved Lone Ranger and Zorro, and Sherlock Holmes looks sweet. For 25 cents I am definitely giving this a try.

  3. Shoot, for 25 cents I’ll try anything.

  4. 25 cents? Eh…..why not?

  5. I don’t think I will like this, despite enjoying many books from this publisher.  Sorry.


    25 CENTS?

    Yea, please pull that for me, Mr Comic Shop Man


  6. Looks interesting

  7. I want a space suit like that one. Glowing lines are awesome.

  8. I am buying this soley and only for Cassaday’s cover. Beautiful…

  9. This was a lot more interesting until I read that it was 12 pages… but it’s still just a quarter, so why not.

  10. Wow. I wasn’t expecting much from this but the CBR preview makes it look…well…awesome…

  11. Can’t beat the price, definitely gonna give the series a shot for a couple of issues at least.

  12. I know nothing about Buck Rogers, and this one-shot didn’t really help the matter! Granted, i know he’s a pulp hero transported to the future, but I didn’t feel it in reading the pages. It was a fun Sci-Fi story, but not enough to make me want to spend $3.5 to $3.99 a month on it. Sorry Dynamite. 3/5 

  13. This is funny my LCS gave this away for free.  I will at least check out #1 since its Buck

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