The uptick in the zompire population has the SFPD on Buffy’s trail again–but this time, they need her assistance. However, Detective Dowling must settle for a little help from the bleached-blond vampire Spike, as Buffy has become distracted by a rather personal problem that will lead her to Robin Wood.

* New two-issue arc!

* Executive produced by Joss Whedon!

* New regular cover artist Phil Noto (Wolverine and Jubilee).

Writer: Andrew Chambliss
Artist: Georges Jeanty
Colorist: Michelle Madsen
Cover Artist: Phil Noto

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.1%


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  1. Great cover Mr. Noto! I guess we’ll see if things pick up with this arc.

  2. I wonder if there are some shake ups going on behind the scenes of the Buffyverse (or at least just this half of it, A&F seem to be well and fine), or just some planned things. Looks like after this arc, Scott Allie is co-writing, and there is a different artist as well for the arc.

    Interested to see how they handle this pregnancy.

    • Just found the article mentioning Mr.Allie as co-writer with Mr. Chambliss, starting with issue #8. Cliff Richards looks a lot more to my liking, as well. Up and up!

  3. Things just got super controversial, but it’s good

    • Not sure things are ‘controversial’, but it did get real. Complete opposite of Mecha-Dawn, anime vampire, super-spy strikeforce, TIbetan gargantuan over-the-rainbow Angel sky quickie Season 8. And I actually enjoyed Jeanty’s pencils. This really felt like an episode of the television program.

    • oh when you bring abortion into the mix, things are immediatly controversial. I agree you though Maty, I am liking the story and whatever Buffy’s choice I will support her decision, 🙂

  4. Good issue. Probably one of the better ones so far of this season. I don’t think she’ll go with through it. (At least I hope not – not because of any particular belief – just because I am interested in the story of how she manages life with that addition)

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