Batgirl no more? Is Stephanie Brown’s brief tenure as Batgirl in jeopardy now that Bruce Wayne has returned? Or will Bruce’s homecoming mean bigger and better things for Gotham City’s premier heroine?

Written by BRYAN Q. MILLER

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  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing Bruce’s reaction to Stephanie as Batgirl.  I wonder if he’ll hold Oracle responsible.  

  2. I think Bruce will react like this:

    "…Wait, Stephanie’s actually grown to be competent. Hnn–I’ve planned for all eventualities but not for THIS."

  3. I doubt that this is going to be one of the better issues of this week, but I’m down for it nonetheless.

  4. Miller’s been pretty good. I imagine Bruce being all cold and distant and then giving her a nice little punch on the shoulder and then a business card to Batman Inc.

  5. Heard at the NYCC that Cassandra might be coming back at some time, I think she could kick Steph’s ass.

  6. @Franktiger:

    She’s coming back in next month’s Red Robin. 

  7. @DKJared – Ah thanks, cool….btw, has anyone given you props for your avatar?  Where’d you find that one?

  8. @Franktiger

    It’s from an artist who calls herself The Black Cat. She also does a semi-regular web-comic called Batman & Sons, which is really cute and funny. 😀 

  9. too bad this isn’t like mad men where bruce can give her a nice slap on the ass and say "good job" while smoking a cigarette and holding a scotch on the rocks

  10. Thank the GODS they at least squeezed in a mention of Cassandra. I would have been kind of pissed if Bruce hadn’t even noticed that his almost-stepdaughter has disappeared off the face of the Earth.

    And Miller even managed to fix her reasons for giving up the mantle of Batgirl. Excellent.

  11. "Don’t do drugs!" killed me.  Miller’s Batgirl is just excellent all-around.

  12. So yes, the talk during NYCC’s DCU panel of Cassandra being back at some point wasn’t just empty talk, nice.

  13. @Franktiger

    Wasn’t it? I’m all but certain her appearance in Red Robin will be a fleeting cameo among multiple ongoing subplots. It just kills me that DiDio is perfectly aware of a seizable Cassandra Cain fanbase ready to snap up any well-written story featuring her, but refuses to do anything about it except make mocking jokes at conventions.

  14. @Bronln – wasn’t it Gail Simone who mentioned Cassandra was in the works for the future?  Can’t remember exactly, but it was a fan from the crowd that asked about Cassandra, and somehow I remember sorta a long pause, then Simone chiming in a brief answer to that effect.  Then with her name coming up in this book, just confirmed to me that Cassandra Cain has not been all but forgotten in the DCU is all. 

    Don’t even get me started on Didio, a poor excuse of a EIC in my opinion.

  15. By far the best of the ‘Road Home’ one shots.

  16. Between Wednesday and Sunday this book as really climbed in POTW status.  I’m a bit curious now, about when most of the voting for POTW happens on this site.  I had always assumed it was mostly Wednesday through Thursday.  But even when I picked this on Friday it was still only at about 8% and I know it had started much lower then that and now it is up to 13%.  This leads me to think that a lot of people still made there picks on the weekend.  I wounder if this is an anomaly or typical, but because it usually doesn’t affect the rankings by much I didn’t notice it before.  I may have to e-mail the guys on this one, if they can track it, it might make an interesting article for @Conor sometime.

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