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As the end of BRIGHTEST DAY approaches, our returned heroes and villains begin converging in one area as the ultimate protector reveals itself against the ultimate menace!

Variant covers by IVAN REIS

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  1. Only another month or so.  Then what?

  2. @PozrDu: Brightest Day: Aftermath mini series

  3. Yeah, I just read this after posting.  What it means?  Dunno.

  4. @PozrDu  –another series called “dim evening”, or “chilliest morning” would be my guess. =p

  5. All that post means to me is “Don’t expect any closure any time soon.”

  6. @Minion  You shouldn’t expect too much closure from serialized storytelling.

  7. @wallythegreenmonster: There was a joke going around when Brightest Day was announced that the next event would be “No Evil Shall Escape My Sight” because it’s the next line of the GL oath.

  8. @conor  you guys just talked about how ultimate spiderman offered you closure in the last podcast. So  you know, it can happen, can’t it?

  9. @edward  Sure. It can happen. Not often, though, which is why I said not to expect to too much instead of none. The only closure in Ultimate Spider-Man #155 will come from the reader creating it for themselves by not reading any more issues. The story continues next month.

  10. come on, it’s not crazy to think and hope that a finite 26 issue series will end with some closure though.

  11. well this series is all about rebirth….so we should not expect closure, but beginnings. 

    @PozrDu  –haha that would be great. I’m holding out for “Foggy Grey Afternoon”  

  12. @conor @edward obviously superhero comics from the big two will never offer ultimate closure but i dont think its naive to expect closure from the story of resurrected heroes [and villains] being told in brightest day. these characters will live/move on yes but i also hope for closure on this specific part of their ongoing narrative after having invested all this time in it.

  13. I just wanna say I told yah so! If you remember awhile back I said a lot of filler stories? Well that was an error on my part and apologize!! What I meant to say was I have finally caught up on all of the reading and all of the back stories and re-read them hoping things made sense>???? WELL THEY STILL DON’T! I was hoping for great things for everyone of these characters to tell you the truth. I am a huge DC fan and this series was a waste of money from the word go!! They sucked us in and we stayed and I will follow it to the end unfortunatlly hoping somehow it makes sense and gets better. Everyone gets blasted at the end of each story arc; wow great idea??!! They again seem to be making things up as they go sorry; and only the characters that are sticking around have the good story lines instead of building up the lesser ones. Sorry I am babbling I just wanted more from this series which has some great, great characters in it. Ow wel…

  14. @Flash923  —the story makes perfect sense to me.  I dont see any confusing parts so far. If you go into something thinking its gonna suck, thats what you come away with. 

  15. @Flash923  I’m with wally. none of this series has confused me

  16. Actually, i kind of understand Flash923’s point. The book hasn’t been great. i don’t know if that makes it filler though

  17. @edward the book hit a lull there for a little while but the past 5-6 issues have been very solid.

  18. @edward  I can understand if he said it was boring to him but aside from the hawkworld stuff i’ve been enjoying every single story in this book. and even the hawkworld stuff was cool until we got that one issue full of nothing but that which was just tiresome. it’s all subjective really

  19. and flash923’s point about it being lame that the heroes dying after they have done what they were to meant to do is right too

  20. It would be lame to kill them all, which is why I strongly suspect Johns and Tomasi did not really kill them. I would place money they will reappear at the end of Brightest Day. And then probably get mini series.

  21. Just like Blue Beetle, of course the heroes who have returned and have “died” are not really dead.

  22. yeah, i don’t really think they’re died. but i do think it would suck enormous story-telling balls if they were

  23. Wally I did not go into it thinking it was going to suck I just expected a lot better from my favorite comic book company!! Not to mention I know they are not dead and I am sure they are gathered somewhere for the great big ending; (or is it the begining?). Thanks Edward for a change you have understood me and I appretiate that. It really sucks that it seems like death has become very much like kool-aid in comics lately. Characters appear to die and have’nt or they die and something brings them back. All of my favorite characters of all time have died and even one where you seen him turn to dust and they came back. All except for two of them: The Blue Beetle(Ted) and Starman (from the 80’s yellow and purple costume).
        Here is the list of some characters who have died or were supposed to have died and found a way back:

    1.) Superman
    2.) Batman
    3.) Flash (several of them especially Barry Allen-the turning to dust thing)
    4.) Green Lantern (Hal)
    5.) Wonder Woman
    6.) Green Arrow (Ollie)
    Now that you mention it almost all of the big characters at DC; I am sure we all can add another few characters and then and Marvel to the list and well I gues everyone gets the picture.

       Don’t get me wrong there were some great stories in this series; Firestorm (go Ronnie) and Martian Mahunter seem to be good. The others have been in and out and the Hawk’s story plain boring!  Well maybe they can turn it around?? I like deathstorm he is way cool!!

  24. @Flash923  –sounded to me like you went in with a negative attitude. Its too bad you didn’t like it. I read it in chunks from the beginning and found a new interest for the series. i like every story EXCEPT for Firestorm. He’s really been useless up until recently. I just don’t find a character who spends all his time arguing with himself to be that interesting. 

  25. This was a strange issue.  It felt like A LOT happened, but I’m not sure I get the significance of much of it.  I’m sure it will get much clear after the next issue.

  26. The reason I haven’t really loved this story is I never really loved the characters BEFORE they were brought back so this really has not been very fun. Plus the lack of closure at the end of Blackest Night probably has a little to do with it to. This story has been going since GL#35 I just want it to end.

  27. @Flash923 In theory, Blackest Night was supposed to be a direct commentary on that. The overuse of of death and how it is a revoliving door for the superheroes. While in the ‘real’ world it is very much a dead end. Hence the phrase, dead end. Which is why it would be so incredibly lame to actually kill those characters in Brightest Day, the direct follow-up and written by the same guy. Which is why I don’t think it has happened. Johns just likes to feint with his left before bringing in the right.

  28. @DamonS23  –i never loved any of the characters either…guys like Deadman i liked in Theory and wanted more stories with him. All these characters were B list/supporting for me. I began to love it, now i feel like its dragging. I to am just happy its going to be ending soon. Total event fatigue for me. 

  29. @wallythegreenmonster  Unfortunately I think this is going to carry on into the War of the Lanterns. Yes the resurrected folks story will be over but the overall lantern story will go on and on and on!

  30. @DamonS23  –totally skipping War of the Lanterns…..worn out on the “every page has to be epic” kinda thing. 

  31. I thought this was the best issue in a while. Probably my favorite issue of the series so far.

  32. Wally,

       You are intitles to your opinion. I went into this very intrested and I love me some DC comics!! This is where I started reading and it still is my favorite company by far!! I know everything there is to know about DC since I have been reading (est. 1979). Things have changed some for the better some are just useless and then there is the death thing. I know they did not kill those characters off it is just another bs story line at this point. I know where the story is going and I understand it all to well however; not trying to hurt anyones feelings I just think there are things they are making up as they go along. The hawkman/hawkwoman story for me SUCKED! What a waste of two iconic characters!! I could go on and on…. I will leave it alone till next issue…


  33. I think the Firestorm arc wrapped up rather nicely. The Proffesor’s death hit all the right notes in my opinion. Now we should see a more confident and competent Firestorm moving forward.

    In the past, I’ve thought that Johns had used the Anti-Monitor a bit too much. He’s one of those mega threats that becomes less threatening everytime he appears. But in this issue I got a bit of that old effect back. I’m really curious to see what the white lantern needed from the Anti-Monitor. Plus, how ugly is that guy? Put that helmet back on pronto, buddy.

  34. awesome cover!! I knew Anti-Monitor or actually hoped and glad that he was brought back.I read Crisis on Infinite Earths way back when it came out.I was born in 1970 btw lol.Can’t wait to pick this issue up.

  35. it was good, but i’m kinda over it. If this were a movie, its one of those ones that needs to be 20 mins shorter. 

  36. Sweet reminiscing on the battle on the asteroid when the first Supergirl was killed by the Anti-Monitor in Crisis on Infinite Earths, woulda been nicer if Firestorm mentioned it somehow.  Reminds me how powerful a character Firestorm is, cus only the most powerful heroes were picked for that fight.

  37. @ wally

    So you’re saying that brightest day is the comic equivelent to return of the king?

  38. My problem is that Prof. Stein was the most interesting component of Firestorm. Now Firestorm is all teen, all the time. Yawn.

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